The Biggest Event On Earth.

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It has to come about whether we like it or not-- the big war. They've been collecting for a long time now. Then the time will come to play the biggest event on earth. My poem.

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



The biggest event on earth takes place,

And the time, no one ever knows.

It's an event that shakes the human race,

With it's highs and lows.


It's a very dangerous event,

Throwing stones in each other's backyard.

There's nothing that can prevent,

The winner getting the highest card.


Look up and you'll see things flying here and there,

Deep beneath the sea portable houses hide.

There are destruction and wailing everywhere,

Concentration camps built at the side.


If you get caught, you'll be put across the breaker,

They'll trample upon you, not caring at all.

They'll send you back to your maker,

After they've tortured you, and make you fall.


 No pity shown, still the lash of the whip,

A kick in the backside, you fall, you slip.

Not satisfied, they take you in an arm grip,

Squeeze you tightly and leave you to drip.


If I had my way, I'd leave Earth and fly to Mars,

I'd go seeking help from those distance stars.

I know no help will come, Earth is on its own,

Stricken with wars, it will never get the 'love crown.'

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