Lessons of the Sea

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A poem on how the ocean, in nature, can give us strength

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



To forgive those who shook your consciousness, those who threw weights into the calm reflections of your grace.

For those who seek refuge in your deep blue embrace, and safe security in your relentless waves.

For those who sank to the bottom of disturbed waters, to make their peace in unforgiving shades of blues and grays.

To find undeserved blessings and a second chance, and to replant themselves and re-grow new in richer grounds.

Waiting for a lighthouse on the hillside to guide their every move, learning to be carried by your waves to a place of peaceful forgiveness.

In a world so cold, frigid, and so lonely, when the sea is calm and the waves have settled, will they still see your love?

To be washed away and reborn out of waters so clean, as they swim towards the surface, to a life on a new horizon.

They will ascend from the bottom to be born again.

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