amanda and adam

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this is a short story i wrote back in year 5.

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



Once upon a time there lived a pretty , rich girl named Amanda , she lived in a colossal house. One day she met a prince named Adam and she fell in love at first sight. Amanda and her best mates Emma,Cindy,Polly and Gracie babbled about boys but Amanda mostly talked about Adam. One day they decided to have a sleepover at Emma’s house and Adam overheard them so he walked closer whispered “Can i come?”Amanda giggled and mumbled “Yes!” The next day the girls met at Emma’s house and set everything up for Adam , but Amanda set most things up, then she put on makeup and some sequin pajamas;after that, she set up the games. When Adam came they all shouted “YOU CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!” but Amanda was the loudest. Then while they were playing pin the tail on the donkey, Adam passed a note to Amanda saying Will you go on a date with me so Amanda wrote sure, maybe tomorrow.Then they all played chinese whispers and Amanda started so she whispered “I love Adam” but at the end it ended up as “24 Adams.” Amanda was so happy about the date that she started sleeping when people were talking to her.Amanda had one picture in her head;herself and Adam alone in a single room, talking about their deepest secrets whilst cuddling together.

But finally she woke up and saw that only Emma and Adam stayed because Gracie,Cindy and Polly left early to go home and decided not to stay for the sleepover.

“Phew”she said because Adam stayed and she was happy that Emma stayed too because they were BFFs.She looked up.It was the next day.”You can go home now”she said.She got ready for her date with Adam and tried her hardest to look absolutely gorgeous.She walked into her limo and sat down.She was so excited! Adam walked out and Amanda fell in love with him once again because he looked extremely handsome and charming.He invited her into the car and he told the driver where to go without Emma hearing.As soon as they arrived Amanda saw the place.It was so romantic.“WOW! this place is amazing!”shrieked Amanda.




Adam and Amanda got married and were rich.They lived in a colossal castle that was full of interesting things.Then a few months after the marriage Amanda had a baby and she named her Tiara. One tragic day when Tiara was only three years old, Amanda died and Adam was extremely depressed so killed himself.


12 years later:


Tiara grew up and when she was 15 years old she met a boy called Max.

They fell in love like Amanda and Adam and wanted to be together forever. She never died and stayed young forever up 25 years old. She had magic powers but she never found out because the only person who knew was her grandmother and she lived in a land called Magicalandia.


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