As The Rain falls

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a boy one day on his way home from school walks past an abandoned little girl. He walks back and takes her in because of circumstances. Little did he know his actions alone would drag him into the
world of demons and angels during a great war. Now he must protect the girl alone or with help he must defend her at all cost while staying alive.

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



“Jamie?'re back. I was so scared, when you put on the ring some light came out of it and you were suddenly on the floor. I thought you were..I..”

“Hey, it's ok. I’m fine, well I'm a little bit overwhelmed but besides that I just talked to god. Well she was one of many gods but she was the main goddess.”

“What do you mean she? So god is a girl?”

I chuckled a little bit because of the look and her face but answered.”Yeah, but in all seriousness she told me somethings about you and your parents.” When I mentioned her parents her face froze and she just looked...dead.

“I don't care about them or what they did.”

“Becky, listen.” She looked up at me and let me continue. “They didn't do what you think they did. She told me that you're parents sacrificed the whole world to have you. It's up to you to believe me or not but you're parents where heroes protecting this world from demons for over 100 years.” I explained to her more of what Taina told me and she slowly lets that look on her face fade into sadness. She started crying mid way through the story multiple times but I just continued. We both sat there on the edge of the bed for a solid 20 minutes until I stood up and decided to break the silence.”Hey, Becky this is tough and all on you but I have to go to school.”

“It's ok Jamie, Just..go.”

“Ok” I didn't really want to go but we’ve gone through so much that before I knew it the alarm went off and it was 7:00. I ran into the bathroom and got ready, I was already going to be late so I put my new powers to the test. It was mid winter, december to be exactly so I had a hoodie on which was perfect. I put my hoodie over my head and started jumping from roof to roof, before I knew it I was already at the school entrance. I ran up to class and opened the door.

“Nice for you to Join us Mr Fergestine.”

The teacher looked at me and I just started walking to my seat. I went over to my seat and saw emily looking at me  while pouting and I just smiled. I finished all of my morning classes and went to lunch. I got lunch and went up to the roof since it was a normal day. When I walked up there Emily was waiting with lunch as well and so I sat next to her.

“I’m sorry Jamie.”

When she suddenly told me this I spit out my drink and started coughing.”Wait, You, Emily are apologizing to me?”

“Yeah and this is the only time to. I'm sorry for overreacting, maybe you couldn't control it but you have to tell me why at one point. Deal?”

“Deal.” I knew the reason was crazy and all but I'll have to tell her one day anyway.

“Oh yeah Jamie, what’re you going to do for your birthday?”

“Birthday? My birthday isn't until...oh.” I managed to forget my birthday I guess. It's not really something I celebrate a lot.

“How could you forget your own birthday silly? Anyways since you're birthday is today I'm going to let you take me out.”

“You’re going to let me huh.” She starts doing some superman pose and I just sit there laughing.

“So, Jamie this is a perfect opportunity for you to confess to me tonight. Don't mess it up.”

When she says this I almost choke on my food and look at her face as she laughs. “That's not funny em, what if I died from choking.?

“Then I’d die to.”

I was going to say something else when she said this but the bell rung and we ran down the stairs to class. The rest of the classes were done fairly quick so I walked em home and ran home to get changed for tonight. When I made it to my apartment I found Becky sitting on the floor next to a bunch of documents and papers. “What are you doing becky? What's all thi-” she cut me off and said some words that completely pulled my strings.

“Hey….what's your name?”


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