Trick or treat

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a horror, fiction based story, hope you like it

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



Trick or treat


It was a foggy night on the streets of México, on November 2nd, news informed be careful on the streets at night, that in the past people have been missing on these days they said, but they ignored it


So here is where our story begins three days before the 2nd, our friends were at school when a rumor passed along the classroom, a dangerous criminal had just escaped prison without a trace

most of them thought that it was a joke and that it was just a rumor, like the one that the physical education teacher was a werewolf or that the  math teacher was medusa, so most of them didn’t pay attention to it, the rest of the day they just joked about it.


Two days before the 2nd, popular rumor said that a big shadow appeared in the dark alleys, and that people who had tried it had never returned, they thought that whoever said that he would be dead and not telling that story, so it was busted, but some people really thought that it was true so they said that they should stay at their homes


ONE day before the 2nd, only a few of the students were left over, they were all joking at the horror film that it was playing at the front of the class, there were joking about the last rumors because none of them have been heard of since


And finally, the 2nd was here, the kids were excited about asking for candy on the houses, the streets were practically empty except for some lights on the street, and a group of 6 kids and a few kids on the streets “let’s go to the dark parts of town, not a lot of kids are there” one said “ok” said another “I don’t want to go there” pointing at the dark woods “the other part of town is passing the woods, let’s go you are not alone” some one said “no thanks” leaving the group before they entered the woods


“Something is not right” one said looking for something in the woods, “probably a squirrel” one of the group said and they continued walking, suddenly a sound was heard from the woods, a footstep on the leaves, “shh” someone said “did you heard that?” everyone moving their head saying yes “in the count of three, one, two... ” another foot step was heard “THREE” everyone started running and finally, they passed the woods, “ok a group count” some one said “one, two, three, four…. wait FOUR we were FIVE” “oh no, do you think it was the..” “of course not, probably he ran the other way instead of this way


They started walking again. “man, that was scary” one said “yeah”, when they were in the first house they saw a figure walking on the woods “what is THAT?!?!?, I thought  we were the only ones going there” all of the kids looked at the woods, they didn’t see anything, “but,but it was right THERE” the house door opened, a tall man with a mask opened the door, he was wearing a suit with blood and a hockey mask with blood too, “good costume, mr.?” no response.. “trick or treat”  the man grabbed a bag and gave the kids some candy, old candy (1980 type of candy) “thanks?” the kids left, at least most of them left the house


3 left, on the way one of them in a with hurry to go to a bathroom so they went to the center of the city, where there was a stage and a lot of people, and because of it one disappeared in the buildings and the crowd, 2 left, they prefered to go somewhere else, but where? they couldn’t go back neither go forward so they stood there in shock, and finally they decided to go back running home, and they did they ran as fast as possible and found that the man was waiting in the woods for them, so they could run for it or be killed by the man, they ran, and ran , as one was looking back he saw his friend being dragged by the hand yelling “RUN, FORGET ABOUT ME” he kept on running, 4 kills, 1 survivor.

a good trick or treating if I say so myself.

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