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Small sample of some quick poems I whipped up.

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



There She Dances, Through the Skies of Venus

There she dances, through the skies of Venus;

Like thread, her soul weaves through the Milky Way.

She has made the stars and moons her palace;

The heavenly bodies, they are hers today. 


Yet, here I stay, lost among the living;

I search— now nothing more than a madman. 

Lost her in Asphodel, unforgiving;

Left a hollowed, zombie of a man. 


Night after night lying awake, I remain;

The sound of her soul, whispers in my ears.

Louder and louder, her voices refrain;

A single second comes to seem like years.


For it fills my heart with calamity;

As I mourn her soul, for all eternity.



Lost You, Among a Million Faces

Lost you, among a million faces;

They appear distorted, from other than this earth.

Yet, you invite them, your spirit embraces.

Astral or damned, not of Gaia’s birth. 


I cry out, persistent and pleading;

“Vile faces, depart, stop your proceeding,”

This I exclaim, my soul on the verge of bleeding,

Their voices of poison, leave you in ceding.


You continue your gazing, paralyzed;

They feel nothing, mean little— haunting, they go about. 

Their faces, soulless and void, leave you traumatized;

Why do you deny me, why shut me out?


Now, here I ponder, dream, weep, and wonder;

Alone you collapse, emptied and devoured, 

as my body aches like thunder.



My Death is to Come, Adorned With Roses

My death is to come, adorned with roses;

I peek, ever so quickly, and what do I see?

They laugh alone, no one imposes;

O Irony, have pity on me, please!


Everydaygoers party and cheer;

Hearts filled with joy, as trumpets and drums play.

Yet, her I shall lie, destiny unclear;

Waiting for the Fates to take me, paled and fray.


Now, I stand alone, before Hades’ gates;

A pawn of the heavens, my fate sealed.

My soul has left, the heaviest of weights;

“Be gone,” among the roses- unrevealed.


The fires of hell now surround me, no surprise;

I wait, patiently, for my ultimate demise.



If the Universe Were to Rip in Two

If the universe were to rip in two.

If the stars were to collide, in heaven’s doom.

If the air I breath were to simply subdue.

If the Sun above were to cease its bloom.


If Earth and all were to fall in the Abyss.

If the planets were to fly into the aether beyond.

If mankind were to be hexed, an ignorant bliss. 

If we were to be consumed, by Others, mutated and spawned. 


If the cavalry were to come, riding in four.

If time were to halt, the cosmos’ last stand.

If the stars themselves were to knock on Death’s door.

Which begs me to answer, the question at hand:


Would I cry out, full of disparity;

If the universe were to rip in two?

My world to crumble, losing all clarity?

Here is my conclusion, my answer is true:


If the universe were to rip in two;

I live on, for I will forever have you.



This Kingdom of Old

Prophets foretold, of this kingdom of old;

Through lush hills it rolls, streets paved with gold.

Wondrous, miraculous, amazing and free!

Is all that is said, of this kingdom of old.


Where the water flows, through emerald gates;

Where coins of silver pour, at alarming rates.

Rubies, sapphires, diamonds and more!

Is all that is held, in this kingdom of old.


Bountiful beauty, lies at every turn;

Most majestic of castles, covered in ferns.

Fruits, oaks, berries and more!

Is all that grows, in this kingdom of old.


Glorious structures, speechless they’ll render;

Staggering vaults, filled with halls of splendor.

Towers of marble, granite, glass and more!

Is all that stands, in this kingdom of old.


Artisans craft, with the utmost passion;

Thinkers think thoughts, that no one can imagine.

Innovation, intelligence, infrastructure and more!

Is all that occurs, in this kingdom of old.


Where the Sun never stops, its rays never ceasing;

Where the people rejoice, their spirits never decreasing.

Laughter, luxury, romance and more!

Is all that is felt, in this kingdom of old.


Where the skin stays smooth, the color of milk;

Where fabrics are donned, soft as silk.

Kings and lords, noble and regal!

Is all who live, in this kingdom of old.


Alas… Here I stand, in this kingdom of old;

Crumbling taverns and halls, covered in mold.

Wasted, broken, shattered and lost!

Is all that remains, of this kingdom of old.



The Pale Stranger

Feeble and ill, too poor to feel anguish;

Full of contempt, nothing but anger.

Who can deliver, save me from vanquish?

All but none, except for the pale stranger.


Before me he inquires, dark as this night;

“Who am I, but to lead you from danger?”

His voice pierces, like awful daggers of fright;

“For I am but none, except for the pale stranger.”


Malignant and evil, but concerning of my pleads;

Face is barren, an incident?, I wager.

Holy deeds, he discusses, he can fulfill my needs;

He has swayed me at last, I give in to the pale stranger.


His word is kept, my wishes are granted;

I triumph in wealth, no longer endangered.

Glory and power, delighted to be enchanted;

The world in my palm, all thanks to the pale stranger.


But wait- I have been twisted, scammed, soul uplifted;

I see through his empty expression, this vile exchanger.

Eternal torment, revealed, as his motives have drifted;

The true identity declared, of the pale stranger.


Now imprisoned, for an infinite remainder;

For I have been taken, by the pale stranger.



Meet Me at This Star, Half-Passed Hyperion

Meet me at this star, half-passed Hyperion;

Merry and glad, as we dance into oblivion.

For I am mine and what is mine is yours;

Say this I shall, as we glide along celestial shores.


This star is mine, just left of Aquarius;

I love you dearly; I wish nothing nefarious.

For it is mine, and what is mine is yours;

Say this I shall, as we leap through starlight doors.


I found this star, just beyond Sirius;

Dreaming of you, all but delirious.

For you are mine and I am yours;

Say this I must, or my heart will wage a thousand wars.


I created this star, half-passed Hyperion;

As I am nothing more, than a lovestruck meridian.



The Mind is as Fragile, as Broken Wonders

The mind is as fragile, as broken wonders;

There, our lost thoughts go about their plunders.

In its deepest crevices, demons lurk;

Insecurities hazed, by the darkest murk.


Where intellect deceases, memories stirred;

Our fondest reflections, nothing but blurred.

It fills us with fright— I thank the devil’s knight;

The mind’s lowest dungeons, bleed drops of blight.


The psyche’s insanity, amplifies my sadness;

The conscious’ corruption, dwells in my madness.

Leaves me ensnared, in the bottomless pit;

How brittle, the mental state— leaves emotions split.


My hopes ran wild, fast as rivers and streams;

Then they vanished, nothing more than twilight dreams.

© Copyright 2018 Red4799. All rights reserved.

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