The loss that defines us

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Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



They say that the pain of a loss diminishes with the years that pass. That you get used to it. With the loss. With you without that person. With you changed after the loss of a dear one.

The truth is well different. The loss becomes a part of you, it defines you, gives you a mark. Might have changed the way you relate to others, the way you love yourself, the trust that you have in people, the way you built your soul.

The loss remains deep deep inside. I have a place where I’ve put the ones that are not with me anymore, in a physical form. It’s a garden, with flowers all over the road and a majestic tree in center. It’s warm and gold. And all the souls that I lost fly around there.

[They also say that learning how to die while you are still alive it’s a wake up call. Makes you see what really matters. But how does one die with the heart that beats a million times in a day? When the baby it’s still inside the mother womb his heart beats 2 times faster than the mother’s.]

The grief changes in time. We change in time. It doesn’t disappear. We look at it with different eyes, of a 7 years girl or of a mother of 33. It’s still so vivid, still so present. But different.

I understand loss differently now. Because my soul knows for sure there is more. When you’re young you hope the door will open and there it is.

In that garden I rest and I ask for guidance. For patience and love.


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