evil lena luthor

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supergirl gets back at evil Lena Luthor the only she knows how

Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



Lena founded out Kara was Supergirl. She felt betrayed and lie to. She was hurt. Kara was gonna pay for lying to her. Lena got some kryptonite from her mother. She invited Kara to dinner. When Kara arrives, she was ambushed by goons.  They try using the kryptonite. Lena watched as Kara struggled. It was a long fight. When Kara finally destroyed the kryptonite. She went after Lena but Lena was gone. Kara changed into her pajamas. She was exhausted. She thought of a way to get back at Lena, it was unique but she has to try. They track Lena down in a secluded cabin. Kara arrives, busting through the door. Kara came as Supergirl.


" so you came."

" yes."

" you try to kill me."

"you betrayed me."

" you betrayed me."

" well, payback a bitch."

" It is."

Supergirl grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall. Supergirl slammed on the table. She used her other hand to rip her panties off and stuff her panties in her mouth. She held her by the neck as she nipped at neck and collarbone.She leaves marks on her body. Supergirl bites her thigh before biting her pussy. She licks her folds taking her time lightly press her tongue on her clit. Holding off giving she desperately needs.She uses the strap on. To pound her hard. Her moans fill the room. She feels her orgasm building.Supergirl takes the panties out of her mouth.She Cums intensely. Supergirl leaves her confused. 


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