Band of Five Brethren

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A poem revolving around personality, and the personification of traits.

Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



Five heads, five souls, five hearts beating as one. This band of five brethren, standing together 'till the end.

The first one, he is Courage. He leaps into the fray with the heart of a lion, with no second thoughts. Always the first one to try, the first one to stand, the first one fall for his brethren.

The second, she is Strength. She never falters, never breaks, is the one constant amidst the chaos- steady as a rock. Always there to leaned on, there to lend a hand, never asking anything for herself- the weight of the world on her shoulders.

The third, he is Joy. He is as hard a worker as the rest of them, but spreads laughter in his wake. Always there to lift a spirit, spark a laugh, make you smile; but his grin is his armor, to hide his fears behind.

The fourth, she is Wisdom. She is the voice of reason, of a well calculated plan, usually the reason they get out alive. Always learning, watching, leading, but every mistake she makes, she holds onto- a dagger to the heart.

The fifth, he is Trust. He is the faith put in the unknown, the one who smiles gently and listens to the plan forgotten. Always the one to welcome the stranger, forgive the mistaken, and follow on faith, but betrayal wounds his heart the most.

Five heads, five souls, five hearts beating as one. Their faults, their gifts, standing together 'till the end.

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