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Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



Words pen down and blot the fingers!!

Words uttered and blot the tongue!!

Words shatter and blot the heart!!

Words print and blot the paper!!

Red Roses spread the beauty of your carved physic !!

Red heart pumps blood to my arteries to say I LOVE YOU!!

Sizzling thoughts pierce my body to form an embedded pure feeling of true and lasting code of bond. 

“ Wink of an eye you captured me !!

Wink of an eye you drove me in your bosom!!

Wink of an eye you seduced me towards your charm!!

Sweet fragrance sprays on the water bed, intoxicating the components

To bring out the inner beauty of your carved love!!

Taste buds get defeated and drop out their attitude to the delicious delicacies to bring

Out our relinquishment of your love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My heart was wandering for the new looks to fill my eyes with bright shine

My lips was wavering for the new touch to till my tongue with light cream

My face was blooming for the new physic to fill my ears with tight hug

Oh my dream man , where were you until my age lifted to show my innocence love in me which was hidden deep shadow of my heart

Now I feel the true passion of loyalty which touched my heart  to accept you as my only man in my life

I thank you my sweetheart to find me in the gloomy midst of our journey , thanks my love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greenery fills the ground with sweet touch!

Culinary fills the fragrance taste to the couch!

Adversary fills the love rush to the munch !

A single touch of the leaf brings back the gone away love in my heart!

My heart leaps with decorative hug and kisses of these bloomed flowers!

Branches dance with me like my man holding and turning me around !

Rocks of joy slips my emotions to a great height of watery deep!

Every touch of the water drop draws me to its couch!

Universary beauty is filled in the bed of clouds

Which makes me to drink the watery milk and feel the touch of the earth!


© Copyright 2018 ASHA DARWIN. All rights reserved.

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