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it is about some people who work in a lab and create genetic hybrids. hope you love it... and me :)

Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



I enter the elevator with a caution that radiates around me. I press the “B4” button and are sent down, thinking, “Why did I sign up for this again?”


When I reach B4, the elevator opens in a way only to be described as a high security vault door being split in half. The scientists and their subjects all look at you with the same surprise that you received when you agreed to join the program.


A woman with a clipboard walks up to you. “Hello,” she says. “We are so pleased to have you here. After what happened, I am as surprised as everyone else that you still remained in the science field.” I shrug with wrinkled eyes.


She directs you to the testing lab with a smile. “You will be working in there,” she says.


You hold up your name tag and point to it with an inquisitive look in your eyes.


The woman squints and stares for a moment, then says, “Oh, my name. It’s Brianna, but most just call me Bri. You can call me, well...”


I look at the ground, suddenly saddened. Everything fades away for a moment, then it all comes back in an instant.


“Sorry,” Bri says with severe emphasis. “We need to perform a routine maintenance check on the machine. If we don’t, it could mutate us all,” she says, very cautious.


Bri looks around, only to find everyone busy. Then, she stares at me for a moment and sighs with anxiety.


“YOU!” she exclaims with relief. Bri takes a couple deep breathes and calms down. “You should do the maintenance check. It will be a great way to become familiar with the system.”


I look around curiously and nod my head.


Bri grabs your wrist with force and pulls you into the maintenance room. “This is the machine that fuses the genes,” she says. “At first the plan was to synthesize humans, but they had better ideas, so the humans were scrapped. In fact, they only synthesized one ‘person’.”


I stare and blink a couple times. Bri’s sudden sadness made it impossible to get anything out of that.


“Sorry,” Bri says quietly. “Anytime anyone talks about the Gene Factory...”


I pat on her back with a smile.


Her eyes tear up and she looks away. She hands me the clipboard with the list of things to do to make sure it is running at optimal levels.


Bri looks at me and smiles. “Just… go do it, okay? I’ll be fine.”


I turn away and look at the clipboard. Check the backup valve to make sure it is under 30 backup units. Not too hard.


I find the backup valve after a few minutes and see that it is at 96 backup units. Oh no… Why is it when I do it…

I read the list to see if it says anything about what to do. If it is between 30 and 90 backup units, call for the service crew immediately. It needs cleaning before it can be used again. If it reads over 90 backup units, call the service crew. You will need to replace the output valve.


I look for the service crew contact information only to find it is not there. Great. You tell me to do something but supply no resources to do so.


So I look for Bri to see if she has the information.


“So the reading was at 96 backup units?” Bri asks suspiciously.


I nod furiously.


She looks at me, scribbles a little message on a sticky note, and hands it to me.


“Call them,” she says with force. “NOW.”


I punch the number into the closest phone, and it starts to ring. I can see the test subject in the room to my left shaking intensely. They begin to foam at the mouth, and they rip the leather cables strapping them down. The other scientists begin to panic to the nearest exit. Too bad there were no emergency stairs.


Their arm seems suspiciously hairy, I think, before realizing what had happened. The device must have had to go haywire for that to happen.


I hear the phone pick up. “Genetic Cleanup crew. What do you need?”


I look around for somebody until I find a tall but hunch-backed man with his back turned to me. I run up to him and tap the phone onto his shoulder.


He turns around to reveal that he has the hair of a gorilla and the nose of a wolf. He howls and lunges at me. I think I am finished until Bri jumps out of nowhere and punches him in the nose. Ouch.


She grabs my wrist and yanks me to a hole in the ceiling.


“I made this when I first started working here,” she says, rushed. “You know, in case something like this happens.”


Bri hops in first and begins to climb up weak-looking makeshift ladders. She looks at me and nods her head.


“If anything goes wrong…” Bri begins to say. “… You’ll be my cushion.”


I look at her with a blank expression. Wow. Super mature.


We climb to the top, when the opening hatch jams.


Bri yanks out the bar below her, and the hatch slides open.


She jumps out quickly, as she should.


She nods for me to join her. I climb out, a little nauseous from certain recent events.


Once I get out, she begins to run. I am not quite where, but I assume it is away. As I attempt to join her, though, the noises around me fade away, and I remember the event that started it all.


It was nine months ago. I was at the lab, on the verge of an amazing discovery: Cloning via artificial life.


I was on the verge of making the first living being made without reproduction when I spilled some of the materials on some other prototypes.


I had not thought of what could happen until it was too late and they exploded with the force of ten pounds of C4.


I flew against the wall, out of breath and in shock.


I felt no pain from the blast, but when I looked down, I saw a gaping hole in my stomach, and I passed out.


I woke up almost immediately to see a hospital roof. I was lying down. I remembered nothing but my stomach being blown out of me.


There were doctors whispering amongst themselves. I opened my mouth to talk, but nothing came out.


“It will be all right,” they said. “We used your technology to revive you. We managed to get a strand of DNA from your past body to transfer into the simulated womb. However, your voice is gone. We could not recover it. It appears to be related to the ”


So there was a flaw in the system…


I nodded respectfully at the surgeons who gave birth to me before slipping into deep sleep yet again.


I suddenly “wake up” from the flashback to find a ‘werewolf’ foaming all over my face, trying to bite my head off.


Bri lunges at it and bites straight out of its arm. The skin rips off to reveal large bone with larger muscle. She then looks at me with the skin in her mouth and smiles.


The ‘werewolf’ begins to attack her when she snarls at it with such intensity it runs off like a little kid.


I look at her bug-eyed. She pauses for a second to laugh then rushes me with her to the nearest city. One can only hope that the mutants do not find a way to work the mutation devices...


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