The Perfect Send Off

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A man assess the situation he's found himself in after committing a murder.

Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



Charlie stood back and gazed at his recent accomplishment. He doesn't feel pleased, he doesn't feel ashamed - he doesn't know what to feel. All be knows is there's no going back from here. Scratching his head and bringing his palm to stroke his cheek as he looks on at the scene in front of him.

*"Nancy... Nancy I know you can't hear me right now but... Maybe that's a good thing... For what it's worth, I'm sorry about what I did. I maybe shouldn't have gone this far but there's nothing I can do about that right now. I just wanted to know what it feels like, just once to actually do it and go through with it. I have to admit, curiosity got the better of me."*

Amongst all the tension in the room, with Charlie being the only one stood up, George and Tommy still remaining firmly in their seats after witnessing what has just happened in front of them, Charlie pauses for a second to think. A good minute or two passes of pure, uncomfortable, ear piercing silence before Charlie opens his mouth again.

*"I always wanted to try it, I just never thought it would be on you to be honest, but that's just how things work out I suppose... You don't know what's around the corner, you never know when it will be your last day." *

As he says this - in a calm, monotone voice, Charlie rubs his fingers through Nancy's clotted, stained hair that lay on the ground. He tries to untangle the knots but they're too tough to even budge an inch. With now stained fingers, Charlie attempts to wash clean with Nancy's flower covered dress.

*"I always liked this dress on you, it's somewhat flattering. It compliments every inch of your body." *

Charlie's hand starts to wander to the bottom of the dress. With a quick glance at George and Tommy - almost for an 'approval' his hand touches Nancy's cold and stiff inner thigh. With unsettling groans and murmurs coming from within, his hand creeps higher to reveal behind her dress. With his eyes gazed over in somewhat of a trance, Charlie wipes away the red that is on Nancy's cheek and in what seems an unstoppable rage, proceeds to rip and tear at the dress that appears to be sewed on to her stiff body.

*"Like I said, just once to try. Just one time. I want this now."*

Not a word from George and Tommy as Charlie takes off his trousers, using them to wipe Nancy's face clean from the mess, as he does so, her eyes open to show her cold, blue, piercing eyes staring back into Charlie's face. Staring at one another, morals and the difference between right and wrong come rushing back to Charlie as he collapses away from Nancy's half - naked body, still with his shirt on but nothing else. Gentle weeps and apologies come from Charlie as he lay on the floor crying, looking for any point of comfort from George and Tommy - but there is none. Once his bed is made, he has to lay in it. Struggling to control his tears, Charlie sits up cradling his knees and rocking back and fourth as tears stream down his face. He frantically starts apologising and begging for forgiveness. In hysterics, Charlie takes hold of a pair of scissors and holds them outright in front of his throat, hesitant for a moment before eventually dropping them next Nancy's red covered body. Loud bangs and shouting are heard from another room of the house but Charlie, too hysterical to even move just lay on the floor crying as the shouting and banging appear to get louder and closer. The door swings open.

A mother enters her 10 year old sons room to find him laid on the floor crying, naked from the waist down with his sisters favourite doll in the centre of the room, covered in red ink and her dress ripped open to where the stitches are. Two more dolls are sat on the bed with post - it notes attached to their head saying 'George' and 'Tommy'. The mother steps into the room in disbelief and stops dead when she sees the final post - it note on the ink covered doll, Charlie's sisters name - Nancy.

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