She wonders

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Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



She lies in the bed .

Wondering why is she still livin'

Wondering where is God when she really needs him ?

She asks her self is there a god ? Cause She prays but she ain't getting no help.

She wonders , but she ain't getting no answers . A little kid who grew up too fast . A little kid , who already felt the hits of society . A little kid , who was suicidal .

Now she's just slicing up her wrists day after day . She wished she was never born . She wished she would end it . She wished her life was perfect .

She ain't stupid . She ain't emo . She just wants to feel again . Wants to feel happy . Wants to feel safe . Wants to depend on something . You see , Her parents knows she's hurting , but they don't help.

Her teachers wonders but they don't speak.

Her friends sees her wrist , but no questions asked .

You see , she tried asking for help ..

Her parents ? Thought she was going through a phase . Her friends ? Thought it was for attention . She thought no one cared . She thought no one would notice .

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