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A human being unfulfilled is like a house half built

Submitted: November 17, 2017

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



The house is half built

With scaffolds on the frame

It looks as if it will wilt

If someone doesn’t step to the aim


The insides are hollow

Unfilled with required substance

The walls need not wallow

Feeling vacuum make them dense


The building material waits

For someone to pick up the task

It needs time, years and dates

And workers who do and don’t ask


It needs to step out of the limelight

And have its top architect

Execute his master vision in plain sight

And see how houses are set


It needs a soul to boost it to being

And machinery that operates life

It needs eyes that see without seeing

Since vision is the conclusion of strife


Once it stands on its own, a message

To all that houses are built

With materials that man can envisage

The one heavy sandbag is guilt


The house stands as if it broods

It needs a final resolution

Long and hard has it withstood

All elements become pollution

Except love: the one solution.


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