Pokemon Adventure: #1 The Journey Begins

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Siblings Owen and Leah graduate from Pokemon Academy and are presented with their first Pokemon! The adventure is about to begin!

The sun rose over Pallet Town, a diminutive town on the southern coast of Kanto, on a morning that would mark a significant event in Owen’s life. Today would be the day that he and his sister, Leah, would graduate from Professor Oak’s Pokémon Academy and be presented with their very own Pokémon. Pokémon are the unique creatures that inhabit the land, air, and seas of Kanto, and each possess their own distinct abilities. Scientists all throughout Kanto have studied Pokémon in an effort to understand more about their place in the world, and today, after several years of preparation, Owen would finally be joining the ranks of trainers who travel the land on a quest to catch and train strong Pokémon for the professors at Pokémon Academy to study.

Owen awoke early, eager to begin his adventure. As he climbed out of bed, he yawned and stretched. He had never been a morning person, but that would likely change as he set out on his adventures, camping in the forests and towns all across Kanto. He pulled on his jeans and a blue shirt. He then laced his sneakers and grabbed his favorite striped hoodie from its hook on the back of his door, which he then pulled open and set off down the stairs. The smell of breakfast filled Owen’s nose as he made his way to the kitchen. There he found his mother and sister waiting for him.

“Good morning, sleepy head.” His mother said as she flipped pancakes on the griddle. “There’s bacon and eggs over on the table. The pancakes will be ready in a minute.”

“Morning little brother.” Said Leah. She was seated at the table, and doing her make up. Her brown hair had been gently curled and fell just past her shoulders. She wore jeans, like Owen, and a white sweater. Her black leather jacket was draped over the chair beside her. “Are you ready for the best day of our lives so far?”

Owen laughed. “I was born ready, sis!”

“Oh, you kids!” Said their mother, her eyes watering with tears. “Your father and I are so proud of you! He is so sorry that he can’t be at the ceremony today!” She put a plate of pancakes on the table in front of the kids.

“That’s okay, Mom.” Said Owen as he filled his plate. “We know Dad’s busy at work!” Their Dad worked at the Pokémon League as a manager in the stadium, and this time of year was often busy with competitions and league matches involving the best Pokémon trainers in the world.

“Well he sends his love!” Said their mother, sitting down to eat. She held out an envelope. “This is from us!”

“Oh, Mom!” Said Leah, taking the envelope and opening it. Inside was one thousand dollars.

“Wow!” said Owen and Leah together.

“Mom, this is too much!” Said Owen.

“Yeah,” said Leah. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, yes. “ Said their mother. “We want you to have fun on your adventures. We know you have worked so hard at the Pokémon Academy learning all the skills you need to travel the land and study Pokémon. You’ll need all the help you can get!

“Oh, Mom! You’re too sweet.” Said Leah.

“We just wish we could do more for you too! Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold!” Owen was sure to grab a few extra slices of bacon. It would be a long time before he would likely eat bacon again.

“Have you decided which Pokémon you are going to choose to accompany you?” Asked their mother.

“Well,” said Owen, “There is a rumor that Professor Oak has a few rare starter Pokémon that will be available to choose from.” Normally, graduates from the Pokémon Academy would be presented with their choice of a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, a Squirtle, and sometimes a Pikachu to accompany them on their journey. Every now and again, other Pokémon would be available for choosing, but that was a rare occasion.

“That would be wonderful!” said their mother. “But if there’s not?”

“I’d like a Charmander.” Said Leah, “But I wouldn’t mind a Pikachu.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if Professor Oak had a Dratini?” Asked Owen.

“Ha!” Leah laughed. “I wouldn’t count on it! An Eevee, maybe, but not a Dratini!”

“I’d really like to catch a Dratini.” Said Owen. “I wonder where they can be found.”

“We’ll just have to get out there and find out!” said Leah.

“Its almost time for us to leave for the ceremony.” Said their mother. “Finish eating, and grab your packs. I’ll do the dishes later.”

When it was time to leave, Owen and Leah grabbed their packs. They had a hiking bag with a tent and all of their gear and a backpack. They packed light and planned to replenish their gear whenever they reached a new town or city. They got in the car and their mother drove them to the Pokémon Academy for the graduation ceremony.
The Pokémon Academy was in the center of Pallet Town and everyone in town had come out to watch the ceremony. Graduating from Pokémon Academy was a huge honor and rite of passage. This year there were ten students from all around Kanto who were to graduate. Leah and Owen were the only two from Pallet Town this year, and the town celebrated them as if they were local heroes. At the Pokémon Academy the kids put on their caps and gowns and prepared for the ceremony. When it was about to begin they took their places and proceeded to file into the auditorium. When they reached the front stage they took their seats in front of the watching crowd. Professor Oak, an elderly man in his late fifties, greeted the crowd.

“Welcome friends and family!” Oak said, smiling happily. “We are honored to celebrate the Pokémon Academy’s graduating class of 2017. Each student has worked hard learning and preparing for the journey that awaits him or her, and you should all be proud of what they have achieved. Today, we honor their success by presenting each of them with a both a Pokedex and a Pokémon of their very own to accompany them on their journey. Today we have three Bulbasaurs, three Charmanders, and three Squirtles for our graduates to choose from for their companions.”

Owen frowned. That was only nine Pokémon and there were ten graduates.

Professor Oak continued his speech. “I am pleased to announce that I have one special Pokémon for a graduate who has shown exceptional potential. Now normally our graduates are given a choice of which Pokémon he or she wishes, but today I am honored to ask Owen Matthews to step forward. Owen was shocked. He was chosen for a special Pokémon! He stood up and met Professor Oak at the front of the stage.

“Congratulations, Owen.” Said Professor Oak. “You have worked hard to get here today and I am honored to present you with this Pokémon.” He handed a red and white Pokeball to Owen.
“Thank you, sir.” Said Owen. The ball burst open and emitted a ray of light before revealing Eevee, a brown fox-like Pokémon. The crowd applauded.
Professor Oak shook Owen’s hand. “Congratulations, Owen! Take excellent care of Eevee, and good luck on your journey!”

Eevee returned to Owen’s Pokeball and he went back to his seat. He couldn’t believe it. He had his own Pokémon and it was an Eevee. His mind was racing with excitement that he missed the several of his classmates called forward to choose their own Pokémon until he heard Leah’s name.
Leah stood and approached the front of the stage and said, “I choose Charmander.” After presenting her Charmander to the audience, Leah returned to her seat and gave her brother a smile. When the remaining students were presented with Pokémon, Professor Oak concluded the ceremony by asking everyone to applaud the graduates. Owen and Leah stood side-by-side in jubilation. They were now official Pokémon trainers and their journey was about to begin.

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