my roald dahl characters

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this is a funny short poem that is made using some of the characters by roald dahl.

Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



Hey! It's Uncle Joe,

Who broke his nose with his toe,

With his eyes,

He sees how Matilda's books flies,

With her power, she smacks her dad,

Who could be nothing but mad,

Then he sees the Twits,

Who start doing splits,

No,No! Uncle Joes's not wearing vases,

And yet it is his 1952's glasses,

The Twits see the BFG,

Who seemed taller than the big fat tree,

He was with his drink,

And every second he had to blink....

He went.. Whizz Pop, Whizz Bang Feel the bubbles go round,

Then finally going to the ground,

Bravery, strengthness came through the woods,

With no surprise it is Little Red Riding Hood,

Coming with a pistol in her Knickers,

And eating snickers!

Like usual, the wolf came back,

With a picnic snack,

But the grandmamma's not scared,

Grandfather's and Grandmother's only difference was only seen by the beard,

For Grandmamma,too, had a pistol in her knickers,

And was enjoying her snickers!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The pistol cannot go clang!

Defeating the wolf, for Grandmamma, was easier than eating flapjack,

Since old Grandmamma was needing a 'fake teeth pack'.

 Shasmitha Sivakumar

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