The Sun, The moon and The stars

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This is a children short story about how the sun, moon and the stars could have been created.

Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



The sun, The moon and the stars

In a world full of happiness, there was a strong, powerful ruler named Zues. Above him was another elderly God. He was called Kong-Zue. Zues was a very passionate and kind person. He had the job to make sure everyone was happy and that no one was upset. One day, Zues met a queen. She was not actually a queen but to Zues's eyes she was. She had glamorous long blonde hair that swayed from side to side as she walked. On her face she always put a smile. As days went past, they both got to know eachother and fell in love.

  Months past by and a new born baby was made. The love of all three was strong, powerful and unbreakable. Kong-Zue had been watching all this and was pleased that the three of them were all cheerful and untroubled. The child was a girl and was named Persephone. She grdew up and turned out to be just like her mother. She had enchanting hair( thta was blonde) that flew as she made her way into the world full of happiness, nature and love etc.

 Kong zue was getting older and older and finally asked Demeter if he can see their daughter. Demeter and Zues were more than just happy for Persephone to see him and so they told her to see him. As it was Persephone's first day and first time meeting him, she was more than jovial.

 When she finally went ot see him, Kong - Zue was shocked of how beautiful she was. Sincve he was God of them all , he was able to tell that she was going to be kind, respectful and generous. Kong-Zue wanted them to be represented by something. From that day on, something silver and gold in a five pointes shape showed at night. In the morning, there was a yellow warm ball. Kong - Zue made this appear in the night and day so that Zues, Demeter and Persephone can be remembered. All of these sources that were seen, provided light and the villagers were all happy about this.

That was how the sun , the moon and the stars could have been made.

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