carbon 14

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Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



Carbon 14


It was the year of 2005 in the delegation of Xochimilco, at Mexico City, a group of tourists were enjoying the place until they were lost and ended up in a small island where they found a grave with very strange bones, they did not know how to identify them so they called the authorities. A time later authorities arrived and they identified that bones were not human, but of a very old specimen that they did not recognize. After this, they called some archaeologists so that they will do a test to the well-known bones, like carbon 14 that serves to determine the age of an organic sample, with this they arrived to the conclusion that those bones were not of human origin, but of a dinosaur. But the strange thing was that the bones were not so old as they thought…

After this, the paleontologists decide to look for it, and found a cave where they found some tracks and they decided that one of them was going to enter and record with a camera, but when they thought they had found it, they saw a shadow, and heard a scream, then the camera went down and shut off ... Some people said it was a coyote… that`s what they believed before they decided to enter the cave, and at the moment they entered they found a nest with eggs just about to break, and they decide to call a SWAT team with tranquilizing weapons.

They waited until the support team arrived, but they could not stop their curiosity so they entered the cave… but when they went in, they found their partner dead, he had bled out because of a claw stuck in his neck… they ran away as they noticed that one of the eggs was moving.

Moments later came the support team and entered in to the cave, then there were screams and gunshots and from the cave came out a kind of dragon with saber-teeth tiger body. People said that this animal was an “alebrije”. The support team neutralized it and took the eggs to be analyzed by science.

Sometime later the eggs were studied in a laboratory and it was discovered that it was a cross between snake, eagle, axolotl and jaguar, but it was very colorful, so it was really an “alebrije”. One of those babies developed, and escaped from the laboratory, and now it’s said that if you stay long enough looking at the water in Xochimilco you can see its reflection and also feel how it pulls its claws and cuts your throat… The End.

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