The Tamales Poisoner

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Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



The Tamales Poisoner.

Her name was Juana Sánchez, she was one of the prittiest people in the country and she was married to the richiest man in Mexico. Juana was very kind and lovely with all the people she talked to aoutside of her home, but in the inside, she was the worst human being ever. 

They call her "The Tamales Poisoner" because whenever people talked to her in a bad tone or didn´t do what she wanted to, she put poison in their food; tamales where the most common poisoned food she gave so she earned that name.

Her husband´s name was Ricardo. Ricardo was everything opposite to Juana; he was kind with all the people inside or outside his house and he was also humble. He married Juana because of her beauty and her "amiability" but he did not count on Juana to turn out to be the opposite of what he thought she was.

When Juana poisoned the person she wanted dead she used to hide in a wall near the person eating and when she heard the enemy´s shout of pain she laughed and went to see the person´s body, when she arrieved near the body she cut a little part of the body´s hand and dranks its blood because she thought that if she drank her enemies blood she would be young and beautiful forever.

People in Mexico still talk about how Juana put poison in her enemie´s tamales just because she did not like them and how she then drank her enemies´ blood to be young and beautiful forever. So when people eat tamales they sometimes hear a voice of a woman laughing at their backs and when they go to investigate where it came from they did not see anyone there.

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