dia de muertos

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Día de muertos November 2th, the day in what my life changed, but everything started in November 1st, My grandfather died one week ago, so my family decided to make an “altar de muertos” for him,
so he can rest in peace. On that day we were making “el altar”, we put all the thing that he used to love, like food, the music, painting, ect. Then we started to hear voices, but… I was my
grandfather voice! I was scared because it was very night and I thought that it was my mind because I was very tired, but my grandfather’s voice was very recognized, so I decided to go to sleep and
relax. At 2:00am, I woke up because I saw “el altar” with the candles lit, but nobody does that. Who was trying to scare me? Anyway, I went to sleep. The next day in November 2th we finished “el
altar”. In the morning I went to school, everything was normal so I relax and study as all day. After school I went to him and the things that my grandfather used to love disappeared, it wasn’t
there anymore, I thought that somebody took it. I ask my family and nobody said something and my mom told me “Don´t worry, everything is going to be okay”. On that night I put everything again in
that place and I lit the candles. I was so hungry because I was taking care of “el altar”, then I smelled food in one house so I was walking over there, but I realized that it wasn´t there food, it
was so far than I was so I started to follow my smell and then I was in a cemetery! I was scared and then I didn’t smell anything. Then I felt a hand over my mouth, I was so scared but I could not
scream, then I smelled something and I fell a sleep. I woke up and I saw a man with a knife he was running towards me so I stand up and I hit me in the head and I don´t remember anything. And I
wake up in my bed… Everything was only a dream!

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