The Violent Violin

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First of all, I made this story yesterday because I was bored and had no idea what to do. Second of all, I was free styling about half of this story. Then I had to stop and think of where it was
going. Last of all, I was inspired by the British TV show, "Inside No. 9". Each episode is a different story and starts out funny. Then, towards the end, a twist happens which makes the entire
situation creepy.

You start reading this through the perspective of a violin. Then you get a flashback that explains the first part. Then you get to the end that makes the reader look back at the story and see it

Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



So, I’ve decided to make a story. I have no idea on what it’s going to be about. So without a further a do. Here is....... Um...... The Violent Violin.



Verri Violin was a violin. She had some anger issues though. I’d make some gender comment here, but it’s 2017 and I don’t want to be hated and be called “trash”.

Trash isn't even an insult! It’s like calling Gucci Gang and D Rose, music. Which, if you don’t know, it isn't, it’s just saying a word a bunch of times fast.

Verri was apart of an acoustic band. A person got bows and brushed her hair without her consent. Often waking her from sleep. That’s right, violins sleep now, and have feelings. And are pretty much human, just a different appearance.

Sorry if I get off topic, (AKA this), it’s just that I really don’t know where this is going. As you, the reader, should. But not when you’re the person writing the story. Normally teachers would want you to make a “plan” before you make stories, but I’ve made some pretty good improv stories in my short time being alive, you know, sense I’m 15.

Just like that! A whole paragraph that’s completely useless and irrelevant.

The violin player has some... trust issues with the members of the band. You know what? It’s not really a band, it’s more of a “single-violin-player-play-some-sort-of-good-music-and-everybody-else-just-dances-around-the-violin-while-complaining-about-wanting-a-turn-to-be-on-the-violin-and-not-getting-a-turn-because-they-didn’t-major-in-violin-music-in-college-and-it-would-be-illegal-for-them-to-play-the-violin-without-a-permit-or-if-they-are-in-training-which-I-do-not-think-is-a-real-thing-but-what-do-I-know-and-the-violin-player-is-the-only-one-that-isn’t-a-nerd” band. I don’t know the title of that type of band, but I have a feeling it’s called Lil’ Pump.

So one of the band members gets into the studio and steals the only key that the “legally-trained” member had just hanging up in the top secret key stand that has a bright flashing neon light sign that says ”Don’t look over here”.

The person who is allowed to play the violin is named Collen Neal Soberman. While the person stealing the key is named John Smith. John stole the key from the stand, almost being blinded in the process, and opens the super safe box for the violin, a safe. So when he opened the safe safe, he got Verri and scrammed, breaking something in the process. I don’t know what it was he broke, I just know that it’s a good thing to note that he did break something. Also he didn't close the safe and didn't put back the key, and there was a camera watching him the entire time. Just keep note that he did break something, got it?

John went to his house, well, more have a cardboard box painted to look like a house, and realized he forgot to get the bow for Verri. Silly John! How on this planet that everybody currently lives on, which the people living on it has no power over anything important, somehow have the authority to call it Earth, even though the planet may not have wanted to be called that, did he forget the @!$^&# BOW!?!?

Oh wait, I wrote this story that way. Are we ever going to get to the violent part? I bet that’s why all the edgy teenagers clicked on this story, isn't it?

So John sheepishly went back to the studio and swiftly stole five bows, accidentally hitting his shins on everything in his path. When he was doing this, one of the many, many, many, many, lots actually, one of the six songs his band made was stuck in his head. It was called “Antsy-College-Dropouts”. He didn't know why this song came into his mind. Maybe it was the rate his shins was hitting the same coffee table? In the exact same spot, not a little to the left, not to the right, exactly in the middle of the bone. It was hitting the same spot on the table too. Right on the corner, the extra stiff pointy one actually. It was dull and rounded afterwards, like a worn butter knife. Needless-to-say, his shins were super sore and probably broken. Then the broken thing blocked the door so he couldn't leave. Don’t ask me how he left the door, then came back in the first place, because I don’t know.

John had left Verri all alone in his cardboard box. Verri had contemplated life over about five times now. She decided that it wasn't so bad when she was left alone. But then an alien came through the window, a window that Verri hadn't of noticed until now. She was trying to yell at the alien to go away and that she’s just solved all her problems and didn't’t need anymore.

But the alien was taking none of that. He said “Eesh kai doob, shele Kclop. Frinkel Don Shewitz.”

“Oh, ok” replied Verri. Then the alien nodded his head in agreement and dropped some jelly in Verri’s F holes, you know, the part of the violin that the sound comes out of. Verri thought that shut her up, but then she began to be able to walk. Then she went like “Aw, yeah” and ran to where John Smith was.

When Verri went to the studio, she had already grown legs and wings and a beak and arms. That’s right, wings and arms. Verri tried to push the broken thing away. But wasn't strong enough.

“Don’t worry!” yelled Verri, “I think of something. Oh I know!” Verri was proud of thinking of this all by her little lonesome. I can do push ups and sit ups! thought Verri.

So Verri did fifty billion push ups and sit ups and other various exercises. To help you imagine what this must have looked like. Just imagine female violin with wings, arms, legs, and a beak doing push ups. Got it? All right, lets move on now. Oh, she also had feet and hands too, not sure if I mentioned that.

Verri became very strong and muscular, looking exactly like the way you think she looked like. She went to the blocked door and pushed it aside, just like that. Conflict over, well mostly.

“Thanks....” John panted. “You know, now that I think about it, I could have gone through the backdoor.”

“Thanks is not needed, but I’ll accept anyway.” replied Verri, “Also, why are you panting?”

“You know what? I don’t know.” He flatly said as he was stretching and looking at his left arm. Then he grabbed his chest, and fainted.

“Uh, oh” said Verri. ”I’d better take you to the doctor area!”

Verri took John to the hospital and then John died. His last word was “sandwich”.

Then Verri had a flashback, she was in a pawn shop. She seemed to have really no feelings at all. Until she saw a shadow come towards him and heard a familiar voice. It was John Smith.

“How much for the violin?” He asked. “$50? Alright! What’s that? You want me to take this cardboard case with me as well? Alright! Oh, you want me to stop repeating everything you say? Well, alright!”

Aw man, I already hate this guy. Verri thought

“Alright, let's go now!” John said. “Now our band will actually have an instrument. I hope Collen doesn't make the college-major excuse again.” 

So he brought the violin to the studio. He showed the violin to everything. He even got Verri to talk from feeding her a jelly sandwich. It was her first time to talk to a human, ever. Verri saw them make songs. Have laughs, share drinks, but then have arguments. Those were the worst.

When Verri was in her case, when Collen came to her and stole her. Locked her up in the safe safe. Collen was super insecure, from being robbed 5 times in the past 2 weeks. One robber knocked him out cold. Doctors say he got brain damage. Verri saw the whole thing unfold.

Then she remembered looking out from the stage, seeing everybody boo in the college talent show. The band was playing “Antsy-College-Dropouts”, which made all the band members upset. She remembers how it tore the band apart. John and Collen had an argument over who kept the violin. John told Collen he could keep it simply because John felt bad for Collen. John planned on taking Verri back from Collen afterward and hope he won’t remember about it, sense Collen was already kind of losing it.

Now Verri is laying on the floor, looking at an alien poster in the case. Verri wanted to have some fun in her life. Verri wondered if this was what thinking over your life was. She didn't like it very much, but did it over and over again. Her live wasn't not very interesting.

So Verri imagined that the alien was real. Verri stopped being active when had died John Smith died.




Autopsy Results


John Smith had apparently been on drugs for sometime now, ever sense he bought his violin. He murmured to himself about his violin being alive and that her name was Verri. John however went to his emergency stache in a desperate attempt on getting high. He knocked over the key stand over the door and broke it. John was freaking out and didn't know what to do. So he imagined his violin had came to save him. He got too excited and too high on adrenaline. The security guard, watching the camera, called 911. John had a heart attack and died in the hospital. He opened his eyes and muttered the word “sandwich” then passed. John Smith’s family is still unknown, sense it’s a very common name.

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