Born to have it all Part 1

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What happens when you never take a chance in life? Aurora regrets the many opportunities that she's let pass by, from career choices to finding love. After suffering a life altering event, she
starts to wonder if it's not too late to change her life.

Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



Aurora Casanova watches as the scenery changes on the window from her Grayhound bus and sighs. The California landscape of green cliffs and tall palm trees reminded her of her crazy decision to leave her home in Chicago for the sunny shores of Los Angeles.  But her sigh wasn't one of happiness, no, it was one of anxiety and perhaps fear.

Most people live their lives with some degree of risk.  They take risks in order to achieve something, usually to achieve a goal that have set for themselves.  Do they ever worry that they will fail?  Whether it is a career or buying a home or marrying-do they ever doubt themselves?

I myself never had this problem.  Why?  See, I never made plans and I never took any risks.  I guess you can say that I played safe, and in a way I always thought I would be fine this way.  Maybe I always thought I'd be 18 forever.

But no, I grew up without knowing it and started to get left behind.  By the time I was 31 most of my former classmates were married, with children and hey, they had "real careers".  I had finished college and had a job, but it was what my siblings called a "dead end" job.  I was beginning to get tired of listening to this attack, and I say attack because they seemed to imply that I was wasting my life.

But was I wasting my life?

I don't know if I knew that I was missing something.  Maybe I did but ignored this bizarre feeling.  Maybe I fought whatever it was that I did feel for fear of admitting my failures.  But one day I realized what it was that I really  lacked.  Love-real love that comes from the heart.  Every time I went to a wedding I felt it.  I felt it as I watched couples dance or sit together and chat like only couples do. I felt it every time it was my birthday or whenever Christmas came,  I never had someone to share these big days with.

To be continued



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