The Talent

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The Talent is an action-packed page turner that tells the story of a phenomenally gifted football player whose determination to win on the field might cause him to lose everything, including his
life. Drew Harris thought he knew everything there was to know about football, but what he didn’t know about the games off the field almost cost him everything he loved – his girl, his best friend,
and his chances of going pro. How could it be his destiny to hit rock bottom and land himself in rehab? He had a beautiful, devoted girlfriend who understood the demands of sports because she was a
talented athlete herself. Drew had a best friend who had been playing football with him from childhood to college. He also had a father he knew nothing about, a father who had the same incredible
gift for football, the same arrogance and drive to compete ... and the same weakness for drugs. Will Drew’s thirst for football and his need to be the best, keep him at the top of the football
chain? Will he walk away with a Heisman and be a top NFL draft pick, or will his bad choices challenge him too much to succeed? The games are awesome and the hits are vicious, but what is going to
become of ‘The Talent’?

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Chapter 1

Submitted: November 18, 2017

Chapter 1: The Super Bowl and the death of a legendary football player. But before his death, the legend conceived a prodigy.
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