The Best ICE-CREAM In The Whole Round World

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Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



The best ICE CREAM in the whole round world

One sunny morning, when a girl called Nikki and she was jogging around her enormous compound. Suddenly,she hit a rock and that rock was a rainbow rock Nikki was really interested with the rock. So what she did was she asked her kind mother if she was allowed to bring it home and her mother said “yes! You can bring the rock home” she was glad. When she reached her house, she ran up the stairs skipped to the bathroom and opened the tap and washed the rock with her hands and it was germs-free. Next, she took a towel to wipe all of the  water out of the smooth rainbow rock. But suddenly, the rock turned into a yummy, cold ICE CREAM. She explained it to her mother, but she just did not listen because it was crazy to her but Nikki was telling the truth! So Nikki went and took a small nibble of the rainbow ICE CREAM and it was the best ICE CREAM ever! Nikki tried to hack the recipe for the RAINBOW ICE CREAM! But it was even harder then she thought it would be. One hour later Nikki had finally found out it the recipe, and that was the good news and the bad news was she had only found the ingredients and it was…

5 Strawberry 

5 Lemon 

5 Orange 

5 green apples 

5 blue berry 

5 red cherries

1 cup

1 lolli-stick

And that was all she knew about the RAINBOW ICE-CREAM. Since Nikki was so proud, her one tear fell down into her tiny dress and again and again one after another.Then she once more hacked to find out the recipe and this time it took three hours! And this here was the recipe

First, you grind all of the flavors.

Next, you take the cup the size you want your RAINBOW ICE-CREAM to look like in the end

A momment later, you put the lolli- stick in cup

Then, you put the order of the flavors

After that, you will put it in the freezer.

Once you are done with that, you will wait for a day.

Finally, you get the ICE-CREAM out of the freezer and take the cup

The last step, pick it up and then you will do the best part of making your ICE-CREAM, a huge lick and do it again till you finish it all up.


Next, Nikki started to make more of the yummy RAINBOW ICE-CREAM and also went and sold the RAINBOW ICE-CREAM, but still cept the recipe a secret and turned into a billionare.


To Be Continued

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