Nimmo met Nimmo

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A Girl named " Nimmo" who always wanted to explore herself ultimately met herself in a small girl named "Nimmo"

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017




Wearing a purple frock, a small girl was running towards the park, a rope swing on a dry banyan tree was the place where she used to enjoy her merry moments….. “Nimmo…..Nimmo” stop don’t run was the sound which was following her, she was running without looking at anything, without hearing any sound.

Nimmo jumped on the rope swing and started touching sky…..these are the moments she had always enjoyed whenever she used to visit her “Naani’s” home. A very special place for her, she was born here & all her toys were very safe in this home…..a lot of love & memories were engraved on the walls of this house, she has drawn her imaginations on the walls – which only she could understand.

“Mom, you go” I will come, please go.

Nimmo always believed that she can talk to the trees, in this park apart from the old dry banyan tree she had few more friends, which were growing at a corner in the park. These have been good obedient students of Nimmo, they had studied many subjects from her & have been punished many times for not completing the homework or not coming to school on time….

Sitting in the school bus on the window side she used to talk to everything which we in this world call “objects” and believe that they are non-living, so while going to school she had one set of friends & a different set when she returned.

Life in Bombay is very fast, this is what people say, but for her speed was decided by your thoughts….with a different philosophy in her mind & with a different thought process she was growing – BUT….

But, one thing always made her uncomfortable, one question always kept her awake many nights “Who is Nimmo”.

Her favorite pass time was Juhu beach, she use to sit & draw many drawings on the wet sand waiting for the sea to appreciate & take it away…

It was Saturday, Nimmo was sitting on the beach, looking & hearing the waves, suddenly she observed that three friends are sitting & were talking to each other by making gestures from their hands & facial expression…. “Nimmo” really understood what they were talking- it was a real surprise to her, she kept herself busy while understanding their conversation….

Nimmo slowly moved towards them and introduced herself to them…”A new Life”….she was very comfortable chatting with them – Nikhil, Tony & Vaani, two boys & a girl almost of her age. I was surprised to understand their discussion because Vaani has written a story in her mind & want to make a short film on it. …

I asked “ Can I be of some help to you”, Vaani looked at me and smiled.

I pointed my finger toward’s Nikhil and asked “what are you doing”

“ We are working at Natraj Studio canteen & we serve tea & snacks at the spots”

I asked Vaani, she lowered her eyes & replied with a gesture that her parents are working & she stays at home…… but if you listen to my story, I am sure you will definitely like it. I had never studied so I can’t write it down.

I ordered four cups of tea and we sat down, not knowing, from where to start this journey.

I asked Vaani to accompany me, the moment we sat in auto, she was surprised – “ So you are not deaf & dumb” – I smiled & shook my head “No”

So are you a teacher? who teaches we people…. I once again said “No”,

I am “Nimmo”

Vaani smiled, we also have a “Nimmo”

Our auto stopped and I took her to my home.

Vaani now just tell me your story, I will pen it down…we started at 5.30pm and at 8 pm I was through with the writing, she went back home & I went back in thoughts- how can I make it happen?  It’s a really good story.

As agreed we once again met next Saturday.

How is the story? Vaani asked me.

It’s just amazing,  we will definitely make a short film on this – I could see the spark in Vaani’s eyes.

Nikhil immediately raised his had & said “ I will direct it “

Tony took out his mobile and said “ I will shoot the film”

A big smile on our faces & “Tea time with Vada Pav”

I was really surprised or you can say shocked, how can God gift me this art of reading someone who can’t express themselves in words – I was loving these moments with them.

“It was a pure friendship where silence always prevailed”

Vaani held my hand and said (in gestures) we will have one song in this film, and you will sing it.

“Yeah sure, but which song ?”

Nikhil said “that you don’t worry we have our multi-talented artist”

Can we meet her? I asked

Let me see….he took out his mobile, I was bit surprised, how will he communicate with her, or will he want me to speak to her?

Nikhil opened his WhatsApp and send a”hand” symbol, the reply was instant & same.

Nikhil took the photo of the beach and sent it to her, once again the reply was instant, this time a clock mentioning the time.

I understood that their multi-talented artist will be here in 15 minutes, we started walking and Tony was explaining how is going to use different angles to shoot.

Nikhil's mobile vibrated & he looked at it, “she has come.”

I started looking all around, could not see anyone, Vaani ran & picked up a small girl of around four years- I was surprised……..who is she I asked

She is our “ Nimmo” she is a singer, lyricist & composer. She is our multi-talented artist.

I was speechless… My eyes were a bit wet…….she was also a special child.

Nikhil introduced to me as the producer of the film, very confidently she shook hand & said let me tell you the song.

“Nimmo started making gestures & Nimmo started repeating the same” little Nimmo appreciated me, I was getting her lyrics right. I was smiling with my lips but crying in my heart.

It took an hour & I was through with the lyrics.



She took my palm and with her small finger, she started making waves…… I could understand her composition in one go….. Vaani, Nikhil & Tony were appreciating me for my efforts- For them, it was me who is going to make their dream a reality.

It was dusk, seagulls were having their final flights in the sky, sun was going to rest in Arabian sea, waves were receding – “Nimmo was holding “Nimmo’s hand, she made the waves of her composition for the last time and asked me to sing”

It was silence all around waves had gone, no wind – looking at the pole star I started singing at the top of my voice, all of them were swinging their hands as if they are listening to the beautiful composition created by their very own multi-talented “Nimmo”…..I sang and sang……..once in my life I sang from my heart…………………………………………………………….when Nimmo met “Nimmo”








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