The Bully

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This poem is made to show that anyone can help make a bully good again. In this poem the bell seemed as if it helped the bully know that he has a weakness too. This poem is to show that if there is
a bully that you meet, just know that you can talk back to them to let them know that everyone is equal.

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



The Bully

He showed up during school,

Thinking that he looks so cool,

He was unaware,

that to others he seemed like a bear.


He said words of rude,

And stole other people's food,

The teachers did not know,

That his heart was as cold as snow.


One day he fell,

Just as everyone heard the bell,

He was stared at,

He thought he looked fat,

And everyone looked at him,

He thought he needed to go to the gym.

Then he realised how harsh he had been,

And how he,to others, might be seen.


The next day,

He went ot the victim and said 'Hey!'

He wasnt,anymore,a bully,

He gave everyone a lolly,

To show everyone his apologise,

This made everyone have tears in their eyes.


The bell made a change,

And dont think that was strange,

Because you could've made a change instead

Of just crying in your bed.


Now think of yourself as the bell,

And see how you can tell,

Or make the bully a nice person again.

Shasmitha Sivakumar

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