Pizza Crust Kids

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Pizza Crust Kids is a funny little short story about an occupation for kids.

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017




On a good day you could easily make two or three dollars working at Rocky’s as a pizza crust kid. You needed to be fast on your feet and willing to put in five, six, sometimes eight hours in the grueling summertime heat. Inside, there were only two booths and at the counter only four stools. On the outside there were three benches, and when all seating was full, eating in your car was the next option unless of course you were bringing your pizza home. Rocky’s was always busy especially Friday and Saturday nights, people would come from surrounding towns to experience his tasty pizza pies. For some, it was a weekly tradition to fill up the family station wagon and take a trip to Rocky’s. Being a pizza crust kid took some skills, the parking lot sat on both sides of the building and it was always important to keep moving routinely from one side of the building to the other, the only competition was the birds.

Other occupational hazards included rain, which would turn pizza crust into a soggy useless mess. The birds would eat your profits, the rain would ruin it, and last but not least, the customer who ate every bit. The pay was rendered by how many pizza crusts you turned in, Rocky paid a nickel a crust but that also included picking up any other disregarded items such as cans, napkins, glass and nails, basically anything lying around in the lot. The most important rule was to be honest.

Rocky had told me that a while back some other pizza crust kids decided to add some rival pizza parlor pizza crust to their day’s collection, Rocky immediately identified the imposter crust and fired the kid. Let me tell you, from what I learned, a true pizza maker knows his own crust. Sometimes I would daydream of owning my own pizza parlor, with my own crew of pizza crust kids.

Sometimes I wondered what Rocky did with the crusts, did he use them as part of his secret recipe? Was used pizza crusts the secret behind Rocky’s famous pizza pies? Sometimes I would hear someone say it was the sauce or the cheese that made a pizza pie good, but Rocky always said that it was about the dough and the crust. Whatever Rocky’s secret recipe for pizza pie was, the customers always came back for more and always left with a smile. The biggest smile was always on Rocky’s face and at the end of the day, Rocky would always thank me for a job well done, along with handing me a bag filled with slices of his famous pizza to bring home.


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