Alfred The Great

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It is said that Alfred the Great is the most perfect character in history. I have read the story of this king many times, and he comes across as one who loves his people very much and wants them to
learn. He loved justice and freedom and goodness. So I wrote this poem.

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



Talk to me of English history,

I'll talk to you of Alfred the Great.

He was the greatest king to be,

 For him, the kingship just had to wait.


Just only 17, fighting beside his brother,

Alfred was a great fighter, a real warrior.

The country, threatened by Danish raid,

Alfred was there, not being afraid.


 With Aethelred in command,

Both he and Alfred made their stand.

At the battle of Ashdown,

Alfred stopped the Danes from taking the town.


for peace he tried to calm the Dane,

But there was fighting all over again.

Take this piece of land and be on your own,

Something at that time was never known.


Alfred got peace in the end,

The Danes became friendly.

They did no more offend,

They signed the peace pact willingly.


Through Alfred England became victorious,

Mighty and powerful and glorious.

There'll never be a king like him again,

To take over the throne, and to reign.

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