The curse of the catrina

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Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



-Real de Catorse

There was an hacienda: the hacienda was decorated with lights all around and on the roof of the house there was a giant bouquet of flowers of cempasuchil in the form of a catrina, there was an altar that was always customary in that town, everything was ready for Halloween and the day of the death.

At dusk, the light went out at 6 pm in the afternoon as it had happened in past times, a neighbor called Georgie went to ask the colony  if they had light, and everybody said yes except him, this happened to a neighbor who died 3 weeks ago, but this will not pass to Georgie.

On the way of the center of light, the neighbor was angry because the light problem had happened sice 2 days ago, he angry turn on the car and go to center of light of the town

During the road something was wrong, the car began to fail, he stopped and asked for a taxi, the driver was palid, in the trip Georgie felt bad, he start to get dizzy and he slept, but the dream was eternal, he died but nobody knew what happened, everything continued as if nothing has happened.

The only trace that was of the taxi and Georgie was some flowers of cempasuchil, but nothing made sense, the only relationship is that there were some flowers of cempasuchil.

the same day at dusk(day of the death) the decorations of the hacienda were incredibly, there were some photos of loved people that had died recently.

The wife of Georgie interstedly observing all decorations, she saw in detail all the photos and surprisingly there was th photo of Gergie, she impacted get out there.

She runs out there fastly, in the trip she saw a women dressed of a catrina similar than she, the misterious woman tell she: do you like to live?, she runs away scaried, and the final thing that the woman tell she was: why didn`t you saved you self? and in the instant a car crashed with them, but the misterious woman was a type of ghost.

The  owners of the hacienda were fond hanged in a church, later the police enter to the hacienda and register everything, the hacienda was in contact with a type of demon called katrius or best called as catrina...

In the same year all the peolpe who enter at the hacienda died because of misfortunes, all the area of the colony were destroyed, the day of the death were canceled by the autorithy and now no one is able to celebrate it...

Now that you know this, are you suer to celebrate it? or, you know what happen in other places while you celebrate it?.....


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