Night Mare Come True

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Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017




A Nightmare Come True


In 1967 my family moved to Columbia, SC from Warren, Ohio. There were adjustments to

be made, of course. I was a Yankee and not unproud of that. My parents were both from

a small town in Alabama, that we visited once a year. As it turned out, the things I had

learned there about southern fauna were going to come in handy.


  My nine year old brother and I decided to take a bike ride. We wanted to explore our new

home and map out places to go. We crossed the highway and rode along until we came to

a dirt road. We turned down that, and right away I saw a familiar sight; a large,red mound of

 dirt that my brother could not wait to have a look at, and maybe climb.

  " Jerry, no! That's a fire ant mound and if you disturb it they're going to all bite you so bad

that it will leave sores filled with pus! And, yeah, it IS gonna burn like fire!"

  We rode down the dirt rode a little further when Jerry sees something hanging from a tree.

It looks made to throw rocks at.

  " Jerry, no! That's a hornets nest and if you hit it with a rock they're gonna swarm us and

sting us and we'll never be able to get away from them!"

  We keep riding and eventually come to a small pond. All right! A potential swimming hole.

Then I hear the hiss. Loud and close.

  " Jerry, don't move!" I don't move either, and we both see it at the same time. About two

feet from us, at the edge of the water is a very large, coiled brown snake. It hisses loudly

again, and I see the inside of it's white mouth. A cotton mouth! Poisoness and known to

be aggressive!

  This would have been bad enough, but now that I knew what to look for I realize we are in

really big, really bad trouble. Large cottonmouths were literally every where! I count 10.

Some were sunning, some lay half in the water, but most were coiled, and seemed to be

eyeing us. I knew they were in striking position. I did not see one near our bikes, so I

hoped we could make a quick, very quick escape. Then I looked down the road...

  How the heck had we ever gotten here unbitten?! At least four, that I could see lay along

the roadside.

  Jerry was beginning to cry. I wanted to cry myself. I had always been terrified of snakes

and this situation was like a nightmare come true. But, I was twelve, and responsible for my

little brother. I had to get him out of here before the snakes moved closer to us.

  " Jerry, you have to listen close, now. Stop crying and LISTEN!.We can get to our bikes,

and we've got a little space between us and the snakes in the road to build up some speed.

I want you to go first, as fast as you can, and when you reach the snakes pull your legs and

feet up as high as you can, and coast past them. I'll do the same, and once we get past

them we'll ride like crazy home and NEVER come back here! Got it?"

  Jerry sniffled, but prepared himself to do just what I said. God! Please let him make it!

What would I do if my little brother was snake bit way out here?!

  Jerry sped as fast as he could, then pulled up his legs to coast. Good! But, then one of the

snakes struck at him! Hard! He screamed but did not fall or stop coasting. When he was

past them he stopped and looked back at me. "Did  it bite you!?" Jerry shook his head no.

" Then ride! Fast! Get out of here, I'll be right behind you!"...and I hoped I would be.

  Jerry's success had given me confidence that I could do the same thing. I built up speed,

faster and faster, then I lifted up my feet and legs. Almost immediately, a snake struck. I

could see it's large fangs and white mouth so clearly. Did it hit my tire? Seemed like it.

No matter now, we were past them and flying home.

  When we told Mom and Dad what had happened, they were aghast, " NEVER GO THERE

AGAIN!!" For once, we did not need to be told. Dad suddenly got up and went outside. We

saw him lean down and get something from the tire. He came back and showed my mother

what he had in his hand...

  It was a fang.

  This is atrue story that still gives me chills!

  Beverly Alexander






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