Should Paparazzi be banned 2

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2nd version of ‘should paparazzi be banned?’

Actuly it is the original one that I trashed. This is not edited so... yeah


Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



Should paparazzi be banned?

Keep them seen, keep them keen! (team line) 

Good morning /Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, chairmen and timekeepers. Today we will be talking to you about ‘should paparazzi be banned?’ We, the negative team, believe this is true.
Our first speaker will be talking to you about  the positive impact that the paparazzi has on their life and how they help to maintain the actor's popularity. Our second speaker will be taking to you about princess diana's accident was not purposely done and it keeps the public updated. And our third will be refuting and concluding our arguments.

The positive impact that the paparazzi have on the celebrities keep the public updated about celebrities, Comedians, Tv shows, News, Movies, Deaths and more. This means that if people are sick and at home they'll know about their favourite celebrities.They can watch tv and see about the celebrity's life. For example if someone is at home and in bed they can see the celebrities without going anywhere.

Opposition you stated that 55% of celebrities do not want paparazzi crowding or following them.This statement is not true.

As you all know the accident of princess diana went world wide. But we never knew who caused the accident completely. According to How did Princess Diana die? When did she die? | Royal | News … princess diana died on 31 of August 1997 in a terrible car crash. It was stated as the driver Henri paul was trying to get away from the paparazzi that had crowded the car. This is not true! 

Even though paparazzi have caused car crashes, tragedies and more, we could set some more rules and conditions to make the celebrities more safe and secure. We need paparazzi to keep news up to date.

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