The Zombie Eatin' Vampire

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Ones already dead. One can't die. Can a vampire turn zombie? Can a zombie become vampire? ( P.S. MissMidnight, I'm tying to find a new spectrum of sunbeam with this )

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



 Our instincts of fight or flight mattered no longer. We needed to stay ahead of the game. On point with the same sharpness that became of our teeth.  

We didn't need worry like others though, that today might be our last day. We already had our final day and now we celebrated our survival against all odds with our unwelcome gift of an extra day; which would always last forever, as long as we fed. 

It's not so easy being someone who feeds on the blood and flesh of others, in order to live.

When I first met her, Zombie Girl, I thought right away, " It will never work out between us."

And, it was a simple as that.

I needed the living blood to survive.

She needed the living flesh, likewise.

Neither of us could help one another.

The skin I was in, had died long ago and the blood coursing through her veins would provide no sustenance for me.

So, an unlikely bond was forged. A mutual desire to help one another with our own morbid dilemma.

The more I took, the more I needed, an endless supply for the fluid of life was my requirement.

And, the more she hungered, the more she needed to consume, an endless supply for the shell of ones existence became her craving.

Apparitions and ghostly echoes haunted us both, so we decided to find a way to survive. Teamwork makes the dream work as they say; and then we fed on the team.

First, we hunted and it was easy to put them out of their misery, all of those who made us feel as though we were guilty. We became judge, jury and executioner, eating our hearts out; no pun intended of course. We just fed and fed until we couldn't feed any longer and lived happily; ever after was already our existence.

There was no shortage of fools too, whom thought they were so clever that they were immune to justice. Then we came for them, serving justice up on a platter for breakfast, lunch and dinner with many a snack in between. Midnight snacks were the best.

But it wasn't long before we both became downhearted, thinking such a thing was ever possible as we lacked such devices of emotion.

Which brings us to the moments before this story begins; a way to live undyingly in a world that remains insufferable, yet motivated to push on. 

Sustainability; not in terms of food though, as a way to survive and coexist. We became aware and asked ourselves why?

More importantly, what could we do to establish a more effective way of existing mutually ?

We were clever little monsters.

Our business agreement came to life, even in the face of dying, deciding to give back to others whom were so much like us.

And so we started a body parts business. Aptly named, " Blood Bath and Beyond."

Unfortunately, we had never considered how close we would eventually become bonded to someone named Lady Hunger in this venture. And, least of all her brother, The Mortician.

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