the old man gardener

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storu about a old man gardener

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



 One Day in a far village live a gardener who cultivate the beast cactus in all the village but who those he can make the best cactus in all the village, because he use tears of kids that get using a syringe in their eyes when they are sleeping, all the villagers think that he use a especial fertilizer that he made in his house, because nobody has entered to his house because he are an old man that don’t like to be visited by other people of the village because he think that all the villagers are crazy because they can’t understand why he prefer to cultivate cactus instead of other type of plants like roses, this is because his daughter died from falling into a cactus and that is why he cultivate cactus whit the tears of kids.

The night of the day of the dead the old man left his house and go to the cactus in where his daughter died, like all years, to make an altar of the dead to commemorate her, all the year the old man allays put the bests cactus that he made in all the year but dis year he not put the bests cactus that he made instead of that he put the worst cactus that he made in old the year, of course that the cactus are beautiful but not the beautifies that he made but are only ones that he has because he almost died that day , by be prick by a very poison cactus this cause that his energies  decreases to much  for made beautiful cactus for the altar, when he finish to decorate the altar whit his cactus to commemorate her daughter he died because of the poison, the next day all villagers saw the old man dead.


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