The Nuke Button

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Armageddon is only a button push away....

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



So many itchy trigger fingers poised to press the Red Button of Global Death!

To design a horror environment, research bubonic plague, spiders, fleas, and rat infestations. After which, envision yourself as an actor upon a medieval stage whose role it is to dramatize the hideous grinning specter of Death. Then, in the macabre character of medieval Death, visit a hospital, a nursing home, a funeral home, a graveyard, and a public playground - preferably a playground that has been built on top of an old garbage dump landfill site, or area that was contaminated with toxic industrial waste but has since been reclaimed for public use.

Make notes of the circumstances and the persons you encounter. Remember voices from these places you’ve visited as medieval Death. Consider the inflections, the terminology, the volume, and the rate of speech. Analyze the expressions on the faces that accompanied the spoken words.

Next, in a quiet setting (extremely quiet) crack open a very hard nut such as a macadamia or walnut. Consider the noise of the cracking sound, then ask yourself if something happened that you didn’t know about while you were cracking the nut - something suspicious that you didn’t quite hear well enough to identify. Beneath the sharp clamor of the nut being cracked, did you detect a faint hint of sound foreign to the quiet setting - a setting rudely disturbed by the racket of the nut as you loudly cracked it?

Now think again about the people and places you visited as the thespian grinning specter of medieval Death. Slowly blend the scenery, the voices, the faces, and the actions you remember with the suspicious subtle sound that your ears might have detected as you crudely disturbed the tranquil ambiance of the extremely quiet setting by cracking the very hard nut.

While you consider the faint sound that may have been lurking just beneath the noise of the nut as it was cracked, hold a mirror up to a mirror and write in blood red lipstick the word GHOUL on the mirror you’re holding while looking in the mirror which reflects the mirror you are holding.

Note that the word you inscribed on the mirror you are holding is written backwards. Take the GHOUL in reverse mirror outside, bury it face up in dank dirt, and precisely etch a cross in the dirt directly over the inhumed mirror. Attire yourself in a holocaust cloak (or similar garb) and wear either a clown mask or scarecrow mask.

Thus ceremonially clad in the ritual of the occult and while holding the cold wax of an unlighted candle from which the wick has been eerily removed, walk slowly clockwise around the cross thirteen times muttering the Lizzie Borden rhyme while at the same time considering what that faint murmur was that insidiously suggested itself while you were so crudely cracking the hard nut upsetting the sublime silence of your extremely quiet setting.

Next, walk counterclockwise around the buried GHOUL mirror while chanting in Latin the spell from the St. Benedict exorcism medal, adding special emphasis on the words Crux Sacra, Numquam Draco, Retro Satana, Venena Bibas!

All the while, be sure to consider that mysterious faint sound that you cannot be sure of - the elusive whisper that maliciously manifested itself while you were barbarically cracking the hard loud nut disturbing the solace of the extremely quiet setting in which you had arranged yourself for the diabolical purpose.

During all of these morbid activities, from first to last, imagine you are being covertly audio-visually recorded by an agent from the Department of Mental Health and a prosecuting attorney whose career aim it is to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the US or UK.

Then, using the group of adjectives which I shall list below, describe in explicit detail the worst experience of your life and the most terrifying nightmare you ever suffered as a prophetic omen of what is going to happen to a person who, in his or her desire to design a horror environment, carries out the steps suggested herein. When you have done so, you will have succeeded in designing your horror environment.

Recommended group of adjectives: ((gloomy, dreary, oppressive, morbid, haunting, ghoulish, melancholy, morose, rank, bleak, shadowy, lurid, insufferable, dank, blood-soaked, pale, pallid, sallow, creepy, chilly, dark, moonless, harrowing, shocking, surprising, frightening, frightful, cold, remote, desolate, sorrowful, cheerless, empty, alone, isolated, charnel, cherished, feared, lost, homeless, pitiful, pitiless, urgent, forlorn, penitent, grief-stricken, foreboding, ill-omened, silent, grudging, hopeless, deformed, slanderous, doubtful, ghastly, beastly, heartless, cruel, terrifying, horrifying, stark, abandoned, deadly, faithless, deceitful, sadistic, masochistic, crude, hollow, monstrous))

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