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Right here I'm presenting a mexican fiction history inspired by my sister and her fanaticism for unicorns.

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



Once upon a time, a little girl who lived in a little and very beautiful town named San Miguel. She was a devoted fan of unicorns, even though everyone told her all that fiction histories about it weren’t true, she always believed in it, no matter what. She was a pretty, sweet, short and a proudly mexican girl. Her name was Fer. 

She enjoyed dancing, spending time listening at mexican music, 
and doing all those mexican traditions like celebrating day of the dead. 
One day, she was making an incredible “altar de muertos” for her grandmother, she was very sad, because that was the first time making an “altar de muertos” for her, and then, she heard a very hard noise right behind her background, so, she walked until getting there to see what happened. 
When she got in there, she saw the biggest, fancy and beautiful unicorn she had ever seen in all those fiction books. She just felt in shock! 
Then, she started walking right in front of it, and she saw a little necklace right below her mouth, that reads, “Pepita” 
Pepita told her to go right up her back, she would take her with her grandmother just a few hours. Fer accepted, and they both flew until they found Fer’s grandmother. 
Then, Fer saw her grandmother. She hugged her, laughed with her, played with her, sang with her, and cried with her. It seems like the time flew away so so fast. 
Then, Pepita and Fer flew until Fer’s house, and Pepita leave her in front of her “altar de muertos” because she had to finish it. When they both got in there, they just say goodbye and they spent like, 5 minutes in a big big hug. 
Fer just finished her awesome “altar de muertos” for her grandmother, and she slept until her parents woke her up for school the next day. 

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