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"Don't worry I'll call just wait and I will call. I had fun with you, I hope we meet again sometime."

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



My precious Angela

You said call me

Call me later 


A half an hour made me hate her

The way you made me be a stranger

Without a voice I had no choice

Other than to let you go


Went all the way to Mexico

Just to feel like 

I never heard your melody


But now you're here

Standing right now in front of me

It sure is pure blasphemy

To say you always meant to call


Your phone line must have cut off all those years

That empty receiver made me spill my tears


Oh Angela

All I wanted was to call you baby

Perhaps a yes or a maybe

Because that's all you had to do

To make me fall


Fall so hard

It feels as if I'm off the ground

I'm high

Strung up in your stratosphere


Its crazy how things have been with us lately

Makes me feel deranged

Makes me feel 

Your not a lady.


My precious Angela

You sure are something

A phony that never calls

A foamy bath tub wall


Just like that your Angela

The girl that meant every single thing to me

She never grew up 

Always stayed young

Right next me

Or so I thought until 

Much later that you changed

Changed your hair your clothes and every part you once was


So what now Angela

Are you happy

Hate to be so sappy

But you've made me red these years


Made me close my eyes

Left me in disguise

While I lay asleep


Oh Angela

Why won't you come to me

Was it something I said that week

That made you never pick up


How much did it suck

Cause you never told me

You just up and left

Sold  your house and left me in regret


This is it Angela

Its the last I'll cry for you

The way you made me feel so blue

Yet happy with the moon


I gave you my heart

Though you did not want it

And now its broken apart

Are you happy now

I said are you happy now

My dear Angela

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