Weird Case Short Stories: The Emotionless Seatmate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a seatmate.

I leaned back on my chair and crossed my leg. The teacher glared at me for a second but immediately went back to whatever he was writing. I tired to give him a heart-warming smile, but he ignored it. 

I blew at my hair, turned my head left, and looked at my seatmate. The atmosphere around her was as weird as always. It's not cold, its not warm either. It just feels a bit, off.

She just looks straight at the board. When the teacher signaled us to start the test, she just calmly opens her test paper and starts answering, or so it seems. But when you carefully examine her, you can't tell that she was calm, you can't tell that she was nervous either. The way she slowly writes down all her answers on her paper gives me the chills. But it wasn't from her, it was from myself. She gives off nothing and says nothing. She doesn't even make any noise. It seems like she can't even talk. But everybody doesn't seem to notice or care. Am I the only one noticing because she's my seatmate? Because every time I take my eyes off her, it feels like she wasn't even there.

"Ehm," the teacher's cracking voice caught my attention.

When I turned to look at him, he was glaring back at me with laser beams. Uh-oh. And he cleared his throat.

"Excuse me Mr. Decker, but can I remind you that copying during an exam is considered "illegal"? And I don't have to remind you about what I'm going to do when someone commits something 'illegal' in my classroom, do I?" he asked in his old cracking voice.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I then took my test paper and rolled it into a ball and threw it to the trash. I sighed and answered,"No sir."

He shook his head at me and went back to whatever he was writing again.

I leaned on my desk. I placed my right hand on my chin and sighed. I wasn't even copying. If he was going to scold me again for the fifth time today he should have said 'watching' or 'looking' or something close to those two. And I never heard that those were illegal, but he did say copying so that makes him right somehow, on his part. But really, I didn't do anything. What's with them teachers anyway. They get paid to talk, not to scold.

I blew at my hair again. I wanted to look outside, and the window was on my left, but my seatmate was on my way. I had no choice but to examine her again. My teacher won't consider this illegal won't he? I smiled but my seatmate didn't seem to notice or if she did, she didn't care. She was still silent. No sounds. No words. No atmosphere. No anything. She was just tehre

The test eventually came to an end. When I got home, I told my mom about what happened and she just laughed.

"Don't blame me if I get low grades again," I said.

"Hahaha, of course I won't!" she laughed." Your a smart boy. And smart boys don't care about grades," she rubbed my hair.

"Mom, that's not funny. I'm not a kid anymore."

"Of course your not! I just want to let go of my stress and relax," and she suddenly gave me a warm hug." Forgive me if I'm being annoying Jake, but I don't want to get mad right now."

"If I don't care about my grades then why am I still going to school?"

"No arguments," she mumbled.

I sighed and asked her," Did the ExDep ran into problems again?"

"I don't want to talk about work," she mumbled.

I sighed. She let go of me and walked towards the kitchen. "Now, let's talk about your seatmate!" her voice echoed from the room.

"Tara? Why?"

"You said that girl was a bit, off. Not everyone is a bit, off," and something metal clanked against the floor.

"What are you doing in there?" I asked.

"Cooking!" she replied.

I nodded and then jumped on the sofa. I took a pencil and started drawing something. I had no idea what it was. I just kind of wanted to draw something.

"So about that girl," mom asked.

"Yeah, she's weird. Very weird" I sighed and kept on drawing.

"And that caught your attention?"

I just kept on drawing.

"Gotta give my hands to her. Not everyone can easily catch your attention," I can feel that mom was smiling.

I sighed. Momwhy me?

The teachers scolded me again the next day. I guess announcing my personal views in class is still a bad idea. Nobody seems to understand the romance of relativity and the gloomy truth of genetics. But I think I noticed Rafael getting impressed by my ideas. He opens his mouth and exclaims 'wow' a moment after I shrug after my speeches. As expected from the weird valedictorian in his middle school. I heard he was from Werthsdeen but I think someone in the room is even weirder.

I sighed and shifted my eyes to my seatmate. She sat frozen on her chair, looking blankly at the board. Her stare seemed to be locked to it. I slowly waved my hand over her face. She blinks then looks at me. "Yes?" she asks. Her voice was soft but it's the kind of soft that would give you chills.

I shrugged.

She blinked.

My eyebrows fell. I took a deep breath then asked her," Is blinking and staring all you do?"

She blinked.

I blinked back then looked away.

"I just asked you a question, so it's no," she answered in her soft voice and returned to facing the board.

My eyes widened.

She never talked to me again for the rest of the school year. She just sat there, silent and cold as always.

Submitted: November 20, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Regular GUy. All rights reserved.

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