How I Came To Be.

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So that'ts how it all started with woman and man and the mixing up of chromosomes? I scribbled down this poem.

Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017



Explain to me,

How I came to be.

What is all this mystery?

Unravel it and let me see.


You talk about sperm and egg,

Talk plainly, I do beg.

Out of forty million sperm.

Only one finds its way to the egg.

Is it a germ?

Like what's on the leg?

No. The sperm has to make contact,

Everyone knows that's a fact,

The fallopian tubes it must go through,

To penetrate the egg, that's what it must do.


Wait! the sperm is filled with DNA.

It's in three parts.

The head, middle and tail, they say,

All wee parts.


The egg is up there waiting.

The sperm is off without hesitating.

If the sperm has an x it's a girl, not a toy,

Carrying a y'it's then a boy.


Chromosomes in men are xy,

The sperm count can get pretty high.

In the women it is xx.

Either a girl or a boy when they have sex.

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