Possibility of Imagination

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Einstein, Tesla, Chopra, Plato, geniuses, philosophers, mystics; did they know something we did not?

Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017



This was Katarena's very first ball.  She received the invitation from her writer's group.  The theme was "Masquerade at Christmas'.  She chose to dress up a princess with a purple gown that glittered underneath the majestic chandelier. 

"What a beautiful sight Katarena. How are you my dear?"

"I am wonderful.  The ballroom the federation picked is absolutely stunning.  Brenda, the theme is a little different I must say."

"Edward Cainsworth thought of it.  It was in between Halloween and Christmas.  I don't get it.  Your typical crazy novelist."

"Speaking of Edward where exactly did he go?"

"Brenda, I just saw him near the punch bowl, " said Katarena. 

A distinguished older gentleman dressed in a suit and tie was standing beside the refreshment table.  He was an accomplished best seller and his novels sold world wide.  However, he was known as a little strange to his peers.  Brenda had always admired his writing style.  She had never really spoken to him, only a few times they were passing each other.

Brenda took her friend over to the table and covered Edwards' eyes. 

"Who may that be?"

"Edward you aren't wearing a mask?"

"Alas, I am not.  Who is you purple princess?"

"I believe you have met Katarena Bointesa.  She is the new writer that has published her first novel Devasted.  She just joined our writer's association."

"Yes, I have run into her before.  You look exquisite this evening young lady."

Katarena was hoping that her blushing wasn't showing on her face.  "It is always a pleasure to see you again Mr. Cainsworth."

"Oh there's Cynthia!  I will be back.  Edward do you mind entertaining Katarena for a few minutes?"

He stared at Katarena,"It would be my pleasure."

"Are you enjoying yourself so far Edward?"

"Small talk is not something I indulge in.  Someone of your intelligence must have something more interesting to say?"

She was taken aback and was searching for words.  He knew his statement had made her extremely uncomfortable.  Her reaction made him happy. 

"You're correct.  Maybe I should make up some type of fake news to make the conversation a little more exciting."

"Light humour we're progressing.  Keep trying my dear."

"Edward, I am trying to keep it light.  What do you want to talk about?  The meaning of life life?" she said sarcastially.

"Actually there is a start.  Do you believe in Darwin? "

"Yes and no."

"What do you mean yes and no?  Either you agree or not."

"Many people think that science and religion cannot exist.  I think differently.  Scientifically it makes sense, but I do believe a supernatural source created all this."

He drew his body closer to her and stared. "Interesting perception.  I knew there was something in that beautiful face of yours.  Do I make you uncomfortable Katarena?"







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