Kesh and Luke

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

The school holiday has just finished and Kesh wants some fun to kick off the holidays and he has found what he wants... Luke.

Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017



Schools was our for summer and everyone was ecstatic with joy and all wanted fun but one person in particular wanted a different kind of fun. Kesh wanted a partner to be with over the holidays and he knew just the person, Luke, the person who sat next to him in every lesson and who Kesh watched in awe of every P.E. lesson but Luke did exactly the same. The next day Kesh received a message from Luke asking 'Hey do you wanna come round for some pizza and T.V.?' Without hesitation Kesh said yes and ran to Luke ' s house. When he arrives the front door was unlocked so Kesh walked in and he could hear Luke upstairs in the shower singing Whitney Houston 's 'I'm Every Woman' and as soon as the door closed Luke jumped out the shower and looked at Kesh with love and said 'I know you like me Kesh so why don't we have some fun' Amazed, Kesh nodded and followed the almost nude Luke upstairs into his bedroom and Luke dropped his towel to the floor and showed an impressive 8" cock which Kesh stood in awe of and immediately Kesh took it all in his mouth groaning 'OH it tastes so gooood' Luke a few minutes later filled Kesh's mouth with hot and thick cum and Luke then turned to Kesh and said my turn so Luke did the same and Kesh said 'No not yet I want to fuck you with my black 12" cock first" Luke agreed and went on all fours and Kesh lubed up his ass real good and put a condom on and lubed his hard 12" black cock and quickly slid it into Luke who shouted 'OH FUCK!!!' Kesh started pounding every thrust made Luke shout the same thing getting louder each time and Kesh just kept on pumping his fat cock until he was about to climax and he shouted 'I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fill your ass!!!' And Kesh released the biggest and thickest loaf Luke had ever felt in his ass but Kesh didn't give up he said to Luke 'Now you are gonna ride me like a horse ' Luke agreed and mounted on the still hard 12" cock and just kept on riding it slowly and bouncing eventually going extremely fast and again Kesh released his load in Luke ' s ass and then he jerked off again but into Luke ' s mouth and it tastes so good and they both collapsed on each other and kissed together naked till the sun rose up.

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