Ferinix the Night Fury

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Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017



I t was very dark inside my egg. And very boring. Every once in a while you hear the thunder cracking or the wind gusting but other than that, there was nothing to be heard, smelt or seen.

After many days a strong enough bolt of lightning hit my egg and it exploded into bits in a huge plasma explosion. I was lying flat on the ground when my mother and father trotted over while the smoke from the blast was still clearing.

My mother, Avia started licking me to help me get to my feet. As I shakily stood up for the first time a large bolt of lightning appeared and scared me so much I spun around and fell on my face then groaned in pain and embarrassment.

After she helped me back to my feet my mother said to my father “What do you think about Luna for a name?”

“Nah to popular maybe something a bit more exotic?” said father

“Okay, how ‘bout Sarroth?”

“Eh that’s more power I’m thinking grace like, Siona?”

“You have a point, maybe Ferinix?”

“I’ll have to admit that suites her so perfectly”

“Then Ferinix it is”.

At that my father, Rambid picked me up by the scruff of the neck and I couldn’t help but go completely limp. Even if I wanted to just paw at the air, I simply couldn’t. My father took to the air and followed mother to a cave on a neighboring mountain.

Once we arrived Rambid put me on the ground as gently as he could and said to Avia “I’m going to go down to the forest and get some deer or boars.”

“Okay then I’ll comfort Ferinix”.

Rambid sighed. “Why do you always get the fun jobs?”

“Well you’re the stronger one and you always volunteer!”.

Then he flew off with a witty smirk on his face right as she was finishing her sentence and soared into the unknown wilderness in search of food. After he went out of sight I waddled to my mother and curled up into a ball under her. “Aww you must be tired from all that chaos” she purred as she cuddled up beside me and we closed our eyes and fell asleep.

Whenever I was awake I usually played with my parents or ate the prey my mother and father gave me. Also I liked to chase the beetles, moths and bats that also lived in my cave. It was a fun life. But it did get a little boring sometimes but when that happens I imagine soaring though the clouds with my parents and going to the beach where they hunted fish.

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