Juniper with the Moore's

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Juniper with Book

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



November  17 , 1835


Today is my second day withmy aunt and uncle . I wish I could go on the lam , and go hide in my favorite spot in the whole town on Green Avenue . Father and Mother used to take me there if I was being good with all the jobs and doing good in school. I was able to pick two treats . TWO! Oh goodness me I’m getting ahead of myself now. Anyways living with my aunt and uncle haven’t been so good. Did I mention the last time I saw my aunt and uncle was when I was 5 ! I’m 13 now . 8 years ! Anyways turns out that my Uncle Will is a total blighter . Ever since I got to the “Devils Ranch” I like to call it , Uncle Will has been cursing me out with words I’ve never heard before ! He’s the master of hundreds of slaves on the ranch. Once in awhile you’ll see the dead person trolley come by to take a slave that didn’t make it . Aunt Margaret and Uncle Will , always laugh after I go to get rest , about how weak the slaves or slave that didn't make it . Gee, if my aunt and uncle were so “Strong” they can hire a town's boy to help them with the work . I still can’t believe that I couldn't go with my grandmother or cousins on my dad’s side . Out of all my family , Aunt Margaret and Uncle Will. There the Mrs. Ainsworth. Mrs. Ainsworth is a master of slaves in the south. How do I know this? My parents got into a big argument with her . Basically you don't want to mess with her . Oh no ! Aunt Margaret is coming .


Ok I’m back . Aunt Margaret told me to come down and clean the cow scat. Awful . When I was down there , I saw hundreds of slaves waiting in line to get beaten by this man I never seen before . He was tall , old , fat. He had a big hat on and was holding a cane . Uncle Will came over and slapped me across the head , because I wasn’t working . He gave me a big red mark on my head .  I better go now , I’m being called down for supper .


Sincerely ,

Juniper Beckwith


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