My trip to School

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This short description is about my imaginary routine to school. I hope you like it.

ABOUT ME: In yr 7 Girl Human

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017



If I would have to tell what my school journey is like, people would definitely feel sorry for me. So, here is my daily routine. My school starts at 7:00 so I would have to wake up 5:00 to catch the Early bus to the station. It would come at 6:00. So after clumsily rolling off the bed, I take a while wearing my uniform and brushing my teeth. Breakfast is the longest for me so I take 20  minutes actually eating a small bowl of cereal. I then polish my black ripped boots and half tie my laces. Grabbing my gigantic heavy bag, I feel like a worker for the pyramids of Giza. Of course, then I leave to walk to the bus stop. It usually takes me only 5 minutes but walking isn't a big issue. The bus ride is.

When I arrive at the bus stop, there is always the same old man with a packet of cigarettes. He wears a dirty grey singlet and old  black trousers. He would stare right into my soul until I backed away or hid behind a tree. Although that wouldn't actually stop him from staring at me just that I would feel slightly more comfortable. 

So, at 6:00, the old creaking bus would come and the same punk bus driver. He has piercings all over his greasy stinky body and has red nitty hair which he ties up with an nearly-ripped elastic band. So might be thinking that who cares about the bus driver, but, you can't imagine how limitlessly bad it would smell if there were more than a hundred students in one old bus. Seats are cramped up with students, some tall ones stand, some short ones suffer or climb up seats and stand there. I, am an ordinary very average girl so I get squished with the door with a few other kids. You can't breathe, you stand up for 20 minutes with the world’s heaviest backpack and suffer.

The station is actually 10 minutes from the bus stop but that old bus with overloaded children, would of course take double the time. When we reach our destination, the door gets stuck because of all the pushing so a whole minute gets spent on that. So, when the door actually  does open ‘children’ stampede over the shorter ones and lots of them get hurt and once 6 kids got badly injured. 

My station is very old and not all trains stop here. Our train comes at 6:30 so we'd have to wait for 9 minutes. After nine minutes, a train with graffiti all over it, would stop at our station, that was our school train. Inside, there weren't as many people but LOTS, AND LOTS of junk, such as, coke cans, plastic bags, cigarettes, cigarette packets, broken wine bottles, plastic bottles and many more.  It usually has the smell of hospital and most passengers would sneeze, cough or just start vomiting. That vomit would stay there until the lazy cleaner actually kind of wipe it off and let it horribly smell. The carriage would sway left to right and take nearly 19 minutes to arrive at my school station (Hensville). 


When I step at the station, the rest of the way is easy, all you do is cross the road and turn left, then turn left again, then turn right, then go straight for some time and then turn left and cross the traffic lights. You will the then see Hensville High School Gates, big and black. I would reach school at 6:55 and the rest of school, getting bored, bullied, in detention or having a test. 

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