Dream Quest

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adventure in the dream world

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017




The Beginning


He dreamed. And there was much confusion. For he could not be sure how he came there to be. Once he was standing and the next he was falling. The solid ground beneath giving way to the open sky. Pause: There was not much to think about when you are falling faster than you ever had, even if it is a dream. A dream where you have lost control of the working mechanics of the world. So coming back: there was panic, there was terror and there was darkness.

Light. Light? And there was light!? Surprised, he found himself hovering just a few feet above the ground.  Slowly he righted himself. But as he stood up his knees gave way and he fell headfirst on the muddy surface. Behold! the mighty king of Yolk Land, he thought to himself. With a heave, he sat up on his ass and cursed aloud vehemently to the artictect of this world, and then to himself in all the 7 languages he knew, one at a time. Tired he fell into silence and then grinned and then started to laugh, but that laugh turned into a roar. 

For he was sure! So sure that he saw his arch nemisis peering just beyond the woods ahead. The dark visage with aura of evil was palpable and disturbingly familiar. He stood up and raced to the place where just a moment he had seen that... that presence. Carefully he examined the area but could not discern any footsteps or any sign. Normally he would have instantly known, and acted more swiftly. But this being not so, he couldn't blame himself. 



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