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A poem with an attempt to praise and promote the heroic deeds of women to raise their voice against the unjust......

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



What's happening around us? Is it not too strange?

Inside world's small universe Do we need a change?

have we forgotten? god gifted human beings

As human beings meant to achive pride and not to build walls of gender between em

So, why such horrible acts men commit?? And by men i do not mean every But some

Those some about whom i read daily and am left numb..

Only i??? No not i but every human reads the news so drast

As resurfaces some nasty crimes from the sands of past..

About those who forget that they too began from a womb..

Grow up to commit such terrible things and leave the victims heartbroken and dumb...

But now i feel proud that the women have finally raised their voice

and shot the blades to shave Off the hairs of thise heartless rogues and demons...

The hairs which kept them hidden for so many years

and Let'em enjoy every sec while spoiling every sec of others...

Now,the shamelss creatures deserve a judgement...

A judgement not so naive by a court but by every parent

for they forgot the motherhood is the Invaluable asset

of the human race which is gifted to only female Cuz god created'em

to be soft and teach their children so and yet,

by soft i do not underestimate smartness of every girl i dont know

and know but just thai i mean softer at heart than men

and if treated with love care can be world's best omen

but the spit of shame is still less upon those idiots

Who have intentions so bad and leave the women so hurt

I feel happy to see the gradual change in the society

And happier to see the intrepid change in women's mentality

Not remain quiet anymore and throw insults fussiladely

Over the fact that neither i nor you can gainsay

Females are not just mothers or wives of house

Who in a family are renowned for cordon bleu or teach an expouse

True it is that men have hallucinated with underestimation of women

And that they too can strive in every field and

Lurch on to success's in inexorable trail I am trully happy and gaiety with the wavesbof bravery

That i waited for so long but also feel strange

At waves of shock that shake the world with fear

And now at least such impudent minded fellows too should feel fear

Of what??? the power of those who can see and hear

Not with eyes or ears but with open free mind

As i reach the end of the poem i feel the change in my aura

The change caused by no one else but mankind's flora

And for the sake of this change do i expect

A bigger change in the minds of hidden suspects

I exalt the women of every land on this earth

Who are becoming a part of an euphoria to last forever

This change shoul be noticed by each human

And more than that, should be felt by every man....

© Copyright 2018 adra red. All rights reserved.

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