Weak and Weary?

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When Natalie throws a wild party things soon get out of hand and something her boyfriend in irreversible.

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017




If you are sensitive to drugs, alcohol, death, and/or abuse, please stop reading now. You have been warned. This is completely fictional.


As I sat there in the Peach Trees and Cherry Blossom cafe, recalling what had just happened hours ago. I stared out the window with a wave of fear coming over me. I could have sworn I saw him, Keith. He is the person I loved the most, was the person I loved the most. He had black hair like oil. He jumped to sad, mad, happy, and whatever he felt like being. People warned me about him, but I didn’t listen to what they had to say, I should have. My phone went off, making me come back to reality. A message from David, my brother, it read, “Hey. Are you okay?”

I ignored. I don’t know what being okay means anymore. If you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you wouldn’t know either. I sipped my warm coffee, calmly scrolling through snapchat stories. Every single one was about last night and what happened to that girl. No one knew for sure if it was Keith, but I can tell you one thing, It wasn’t an accident. I scrambled to my bag, anxiously getting out my notebook. I scribbled down whatever I saw that night. It was time to write about everything.


I ran and jumped into Keith’s warm, loving arms. He spun me around, laughing and smiling. Happiness sparkled in his deep blue eyes. He was a dream came true. He was my dream. He was my everything. I slipped out of his soft arms, and grabbed his hand. I cherish every second of the good times with him. We walked for what seemed like forever, which was actually minutes. I stared at his lost facial expression, he seemed so distant, but yet he was so close, “What’s wrong,” I said worried, “Did I do something?”

“No, I’m fine,” he muttered with a sigh. I could tell he was lying, but I didn’t want to bother him anymore. Not ever again, or at least not like last time. Every so often I get these horrifying nightmares about what could've happened.

“I’m having a party tonight, you can come if you want to,” I was hesitant to ask. I faked a grin. Hoping he says no.

“Whatever, I’ll think about it,” he stated unamused. I looked away, my smile slowly fell. I could feel his dark, blue eyes on me. I jumped at the buzzing noise that my phone let off. I slid my phone out of my jean pocket; my phone flashed 4:45 p.m.

“I have to go David is going to be home soon, and if -,” I was cut off by Keith’s booming voice.

“I don’t need you to explain every little detail of your life,” he argued. Rolling his eyes, he left. I just stood there with disbelief, but finally I came to my senses after a while and decided to leave. David absolutely hates Keith, not only does he want me to leave him, but he wants Keith out of our town completely. David has been there for me, especially when mom and dad left. I just wished he acted more like a brother than a dad. I was 14 when they left, David was 19. I feel horrible for him. When mom and dad up and left, they didn’t say anything to us; not even a note. All they left for us was $500 for food.

I got home minutes before David pulled into the driveway. I went up to my room and sprawled across my bed and let my heavy eyelids get the best of me. I dreamt of that night, my screams echoing through the thin walls of Keith’s house. He threw me up against the wall, smack after smack, I was balling my eyes out. Smacks became punches, and I thought I was going to die. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS,” I screamed waking me from my dark slumber. I smelt the faint scent of marijuana; David was here. He had already gotten the Mary Jane from Jillien, the town’s personal drug dealer, she practically lived in her own vomit down an alleyway. Rumor has it she has 4 kids that she had sold for drugs.

I ran down stairs so fast that I could outrun a cheetah. I made eye contact with David not only was he smoking but he was drinking of course “What do you think you're doing,”  I said arrogantly, “we're supposed to be saving that for the party tonight!”

“Oops my bad. Why are you even hosting this party like it's not going to benefit you and I swear to God if Keith comes I will actually fight him,” he said a little choppy but that's not his fault it's the Mary Jane talking.

“David, please don't be acting like this and you wanted this party just as much as I wanted this party so please don't try to bring it on me okay. Also Keith is perfectly fine, yeah okay he had a bit of an outburst on me, but that doesn't matter! What matters is that we are in love and he is going to be coming, no one can stand in between me and him. We are the definition of true love and I don't want to hear from you! I can date whoever I want and you can't say anything about it you may have an opinion but you are not going to be talking about it okay? Okay thank you” I said with confidence and attitude. Love is like a drug, it can make you feel good, but it’s also bad for you I just chose the bad part it's not my fault. I don't think it's anyone's.

“Okay, Natalie grow up! Don't be talkin’ to me like that. Who's keeping you in this house? Who's keeping you in school? Who's paying everything for you? Who is keeping you alive? I am, so there's no right for you to be talking to me like that,” he yelled.  I bolted to my room and I locked it. He never yelled at me like that.  I heard his loud footsteps coming down the hallway to my room, a knock on my door.
“I'm sorry I did not mean to yell at you like that I just don't want you to get hurt like you did that one night. I love you, Natalie. I want you to know that, but sometimes I get a little mad and frustrated it's not your fault it's mine and I shouldn't be doing that I'm so sorry. Listen, how about we go to the library and  go on the computers and start inviting people to the party that we're having tonight. Are you down?”

As much as I wanted to say no I said yes just because he's my brother. I got dressed in a Bohemian sweatshirt and some jean shorts and walked out the door. Meeting David  outside we got in his Jeep and drove off to the library.

We got to the library where we jump straight  onto Facebook where we just added everyone that we had besides  our family members. This party was going to be amazing. After, spending around 20 to 25 minutes at the library we jumped right back into the Jeep. When  we finally got home and  found all the liquor that was in our garage. Now the party was starting at 6 o’clock, it was 5:30 which means we have roughly 30 minutes to get everything done and order to have a successful party that's supposably going to be a rager from what David had said at the library earlier. Snacks were everywhere. I picked up  my cancerous device and called Jason, my best friend that I've known since we moved here which was back when I was 2 years old; those are the golden years. After what seemed like years of ringing, was actually seconds, he finally picked up“Hey, I'm having a party tonight in like 30 minutes actually. Do you wanna come?”

“Why not dude,” he stated, “I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Is Keith going?”

“I have no idea. I still need to call him,” I replied. I almost forgot about him. Oh well, If he wants to go I guess he’ll just show up.

“Okay well I guess I’ll see you in 5. Bye.”


5 minutes go by, I heard a knock on my door and I swung it opened, and saw Jason standing there with his girlfriend, Veronica. I invited them in.

Just in an hour our house was booming with music and people all around inside and out. It was insane. I took way too many jelly shots that guys kept giving me, some I didn’t even know and some I go to school with. 8 shots later, I was wasted. I decided to go find Keith. I knew he was here, I had saw him earlier waking in. I walked upstairs stumbling and tripping over air. I continued to walk to my bedroom to see if Keith was there. I peered into my room, hearing voices and sounds of someone kissing another. I couldn’t see who it was at first, but then he turned just slightly and I could make out who he was, Keith. He was making out with this other girl, in my room. Just imagine how I felt, to see the love of my life making out with some random girl he probably found on the streets! I ran out, moving through the crowd of people, attempting to find Jason. I sobered up quickly when I saw him with her.

“Hey, what’s up,” he practically screamed. I noticed Veronica wasn’t with him, weird.

“Keith is in there hooking up with some hussy!”

“Oh my Gosh, I’m so sorry,” he said, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No I think I just want to be by myself right now. Where’s Veronica?”

“She’s somewhere. We kind of got in a fight.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I left and went straight back into the house. I got closer to my room hoping that they left, I cracked open the door. I saw Keith, intoxicated and high. Screams were all I heard along with the pleads of help. I was terrified, that’s when David came.

“What’s wrong,” he asked, but then quickly hearing her screams. He busted the door in and saw them. Keith was raping Veronica. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING,” David screeched. Tears trickled my eyes.

“Aye stay back,” he warned, “come any closer and I’ll kill her!”

I grabbed David’s arm and dragged him out of the room. We ran outside to tell Jason. When we told him he seemed like he was about to kill Keith. Jason dashed inside and we followed into the kitchen, which reeked of marijuana and liquor. We went to the second floor to my room. David in the front stood in front of the door. Just like that, the screams stopped when a bang was heard. “Oh my G-,” I was cut off by David running into the room. We all hovered around the doorway. Her deep red, almost black, vital fluid coated everything in that room.

“VERONICA! OH MY GOD! NO! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING,” Jason wailed, he broke down into a ball and I sat down and cradled him. I grabbed my phone, sobbing, I turned it on; 4:39 am. I dialed, with shaky hands, 911.  I explained everything. I laid my head against Jason’s we’re all sobbing. By then everyone has left scared out of their minds. A knock on the door came at around 4:45 am, where they took sweet Vernie. The worst part of it all was that Jason or any of us couldn’t do anything. We were scared of Keith hurting her, it turns out he had this planned all along. No wonder he stopped talking to me.


My pen dropped. Every detail came back to me in a blur. I was weak. I think I was drugged last night. “I could’ve saved her,” I thought. It’s funny how love can make you do crazy things, but what if it wasn’t love after all? Would you still act the same? Crazy? Keith was the person I thought I loved. I thought he loved me too, turns out he doesn’t. Obviously. Love doesn’t make you physically abuse your significant other, let alone kill and rape an innocent woman. It doesn’t make sense at all. Geez, does anything make sense anymore?

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