The Troika Undermining the Muslim Society

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While the West finally managed to remove clergy from that troika which paved way for education, arts, science and technology to make inroads and that eventually gained strong foothold.

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



In order to cure a diseased body the first step is to diagnose the ailment and determine its stage to gauge severity of the sickness. The next step is to arrange for the treatment either by medication or surgery.  There could however be another viable alternative and that is precaution, by recommending certain specific diet and exercise regimen.

But even before taking the first step which is the diagnosis, the prerequisite is willingness to first of all acknowledge that there is something wrong which needs to be corrected, carry out a rigorous analysis and then address the issue in a systematic and organized manner.

Out of more than seven billion inhabitants on this planet, over twenty percent of the population comprises people following the Muslim faith and there are about fifty Muslim majority countries in the world but barring a few, they are not aligned with rest of world in terms of the overall progress that humanity has achieved to date, and the good governance practiced by leading nations.

Most of the Muslim countries are still under heavy influence of tribal values and plagued by feudalism where various states not only exist within the State but they also operate without any fear of the system and where the tribal lords have literally enslaved people living under their direct control on lands directly or indirectly controlled by them.

The Muslim world like all the other civilizations had inherited the same problem where corrupt rulers had formed unholy alliances with the unethical elite and dishonest clergy and that troika made all the efforts to grasp and maintain their control over their people, curb human rights and destroy merit and justice. They even distorted the divine scriptures with intent to control the minds of their people by concocting their own versions of values and beliefs systems.

While the West gradually realized what the core problem was as their society evolved and they finally managed to remove clergy from that troika which paved way for education, arts, science and technology to make inroads and that progressively gained strong foothold. That massive stride literally transformed their society and the journey of advancement and freedom began by leaps and bounds.

The Muslim world on the other hand could not free itself from the ruthless tentacles of the evil trio and their society is still held in inescapable grip of that group. Though there were sporadic efforts made from time to time but they subsided because the mafia comprising the three controlling factions was too powerful and unified as they have vested common interests unlike the resisting groups who were dispersed and segregated. However in view of the growing consciousness among people resulting from better educational opportunities and growing awareness created by the free social media, the grip of the troika is weakening with each passing day.

The civil society is rapidly becoming stronger. While the power groups are still trying to demean the Internet by resorting to tactics such as spreading false news and hoax messages in an attempt to convince people to only trust news released by conventional media which to a great extent is still under their control. They are trying to make the masses believe that the information available on the Internet is not trustworthy. That is like someone shouting about the wolf attack all the time will eventually be ignored by all.

That is a concerted effort to malign the power and influence of the Internet, a great revolution that we are very fortunate to have witnessed in our lifetime.

It is high time for the Muslim society that access to the Internet is made easy as that is the quickest route to enlighten and educate their people. That initiative is against the very interests of the troika so the people have to push their respective governments and individuals having resources and capacity should support such moves.

The tide is gaining momentum and it is not irrational to believe that tyrannical powers are about to be overthrown and that the darkness of ignorance will ultimately be defeated by the benign yet powerful light of knowledge. The time is on hand.


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