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I think that love is something that lasts for ever. I think that what people think is love is a bit different to what i think so i thought about sharing this with everyone

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017




They told me thats its only between you and your loved ones

And I thought' Wait you only mean daughters and sons?'

They told me you can only experience it when you are married

And I thought ' what happens when your buried'

I don't think love is only shown by some people and their loved ones

I believe it can be shown by some people who hold guns.


I had an uncle,

He hurt is knuckle,

He might have held a gun before,

But he did it for others- he helped a large amount of people that was bigger than four,

My uncle's a policeman,

He might have said to some people'Man,

You know you can' t do that',

But it doesn't mean he can't love,

He'll even save a dove.


I see love,

But they say love is invisible its not like a glove,

To my eyes- that may be big or small,

Laughing is done by all,

Everyone is caring,

And no one is swearing,

And that's what is love.


Love is being affectionate,

It can also be shown by those being obstinate,

It is done by everyone,

And to everyone,

Whether we are blood-related family or not,

Earth is our house,

And YOU are my family member.

Shasmitha Sivakumar








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