Mr Bully

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Bullying can happen to anyone at anytime. Just make sure that if you see a case of bullying or you are being bullied, you tell a teacher or someone you can trust. Always believe yourself. I decided
to write about bullying since it is something that i take seriously.

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



Mr Bully

Hey Mr Bully!

Its me again and I'm prepared fully,

Whether I am big or small,

I am the same as all,

I have never done anything to you,

You always make me feel so blue,

But today let's just talk.


I am small,

But its not like I dont walk and just crawl,

We are all the same,

And you always want me to get the blame,

But why,

Is it that you have to lie.


I am only nine,

Its the time for me to shine,

So hey Mr bully why is it that you pick me,

You come to annoy just like a bee,

You push me to the ground,

And I guess I look like a hound.


So Mr Bully,

Can you stop for some time,

I'm not going to do something back to you and commit a crime,

Why don't we just stop,

Then we can go and shop,

But only if we are freinds.


Now Mr Bully,

Have you made up your mind,

Just be more kind,

And we are finally more than just friends.

Shasmitha Sivakumar









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