Majic Chapter 26- The Final Battle

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



Chapter 26- The Final Battle


We woke early. Alina came to my tent with another tailor and began preparing us. As the other tailor, Lilly, saw to The Matal, Alina saw to me. I got into my fireproof forta, knowing I might die in it. Alina did my hair first. She took a comb out and brushed, hard, until it all was perfect. Then, braided my hair into perfectness. I didn’t wear makeup, wanting to fight and show my true self.

Alina gave me a mirror. And that’s when I saw it.

My strawberry-blonde hair had grown to my middle back. My acne had disappeared. My blue eyes had turned a beautiful silvery mist color. My lips had turned a soft pink. I was… gorgeous. Alina smiled.

“You’ll always look like that. Tailor magic usually makes you perfect.” she said.

“And that’s why I always fell for you.” said The Matal as the other tailor bowed and left.

I smiled. I tried to look calm, but on the inside I was nervous.

“You remember the plan?” asked Alina.

“Yes.” I replied.

While all the fighting went on, Jacob and a bunch of other heartrenders would get us to The Dark One. Whoever died first lost.

We went outside. As men were cooking around the open fire, I scanned the area. I found Jacob, talking to a general. I saw Ella with a group of healers, including Opha. I saw what looked like a ready group of soldiers, but instead might be dead within minutes. My heart plummeted.

“Hey.” said The Matal, wrapping his arm around my body. “We’ll be okay.”

“No, we won’t.” I shook my head. “This is war. War isn’t something you know you’ll get out of. It’s… it’s unpredictable, it’s… it’s…”

“I know.” he said, squeezing me tight. “But you will have an entire nation ready to lay down their lives for you. Including me. Plus, you’re strong. You’ve got all elements on your side while he only has one. You just have to have faith.”

Faith. Such a funny thing.

I nodded. “Alright. Alright.”

Together, we called everyone’s attention.

“Attention!” said The Matal. When the camp silenced, he spoke, “Thank you.

“Now, many of you have seen war. But, then again, many of you haven’t. So, let me remind you what it’s like. It’ll be crowded. Chaos. You can’t think anything except single-word thoughts. You are fighting for survival.

“Now, many of you won’t make it. Any who do will be scarred for life. But you cannot forget who you’re fighting for. Not for a king. Not for a queen or any single person. But for a nation. You’re fighting for your family, your children, your children’s children. Complete strangers are counting on you. Anybody who can look at you and say, “That is someone who is fighting for me’ automatically depends on you.

“Now, are you going to let innocent people die for your survival or are you going to get in there and die, but bring tens of hundreds down with you so your nation shall continue?”

The soldiers answered faithfully, “No!”

“And are you going to let the darkness take you like that or are you going to fight for not your life, but everyone else’s?”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The whole camp chanted. One voice, one nation, ready to take on the world. My spirits lifted with each chant, by heart filled with passion. The camp grew louder. The whole world could hear us. The Matal waved at them, and they silenced.

“Now, let us go and let us fight for what we believe for a better life for all of them and for all of us!”

The whole camp cheered in glory. It was as if we had already won. The Matal lifted his hands, and I did the same. We sent light across the whole camp and further. Then, we prepared. For war.




The next couple hours blurred. Eating. Go over the plan one more time. Get into our groups. Begin marching to the area.

As each footstep pounded the ground, my stomach seemed to do a cartwheel. I wasn’t at the front, but near enough to see what was going on. Jacob was to my right, The Matal to my left. I felt the power at my fingertips, almost as if they were glowing from the inside of my skin. My heart hammered against my body as I gripped The Matal’s hand firmly. He did the same.

We then finally saw it- first a black blur at the horizon. Then, it got closer and closer. Soon, we were just barely stood apart. Both armies stopped.

The Matal whispered into my ear softly, so only I could hear. “I love you.”

I returned. “I love you more.”

Suddenly, I felt something was wrong. No, no, no. The Dark One wouldn’t attack like this. He wouldn’t go face-to-face. He’d be sneaky. This is a trap! But for some reason, my mouth was glued shut in fear.

Then, the bugles on both sides sounded.  

The fireals and gravitios acted as one. They lifted their hands, and huge fires lifted up. The oceankeepers were right behind them, keeping us safe with a mist wall. We marched forward. When the firewall fell, we raced into battle.

“Keep the king and queen safe!” Jacob ordered our guards, circling all around us.

I got my powers ready as The Matal’s hands lit up. We plunged into battle.

Chaos fell around us. Men and women, black fortas and colorful, fell all around us. One nearly hit me with fire if I hadn’t dodged with water, catching it in the palm of my hand. Jacob killed the man while distracted.

We ran into the mob, one body falling after another, trying to find the Dark One. Soon, we were in the middle of a dark horde., our men scarce.

Then, all of a sudden, the rush of footsteps filled the air. I looked to my right. More dark colored fortas were arriving to the battle. It was a trap!

“Sound the alarms!” I called over the noises.

Screams and shouts filled the air. The smell of fresh blood and smoke filled my nostrils. My side suddenly burned. Someone had caught me with fire. I quickly put it out.

“Stacy!” said The Matal sharply.

“I’m okay!” I said, grabbing my side, healing powers filling my right hand as my left kept fighting.

Suddenly, darkness fell over us. The Matal and I deflected it with light. We pushed, but we could still tell it wasn’t enough.

“We need to find the source!” I called. “Find him! Quickly!”

The Matal and I lifted both of our arms, summoning as much light as possible, just enough for the darkness held back, but we made sure our men could see. Then, The Matal called out.

“There!” he pointed. “To the west. He’s heavily guarded, though.”

“We need more forces!” called one of the heartrenders.

“From where!?” asked another.

Suddenly, in the distance, a sound. A bugle. Then, another one. Soon, we could hear it clearly. It was the arrival of backup troops.

“Please let the work,” I prayed quietly.

“Make a path the The Dark One!” said The Matal.

We repositioned. Then, The Matal and I contracted the light and redirected it. Suddenly, it was going to one person. He was in a black velvet forta.

The Dark One.

He seemed to snarl in anger to us finding him. All of our troops seemed to hurl themselves at him, the Dark One’s at us.

We hurled ourselves towards him. The darkness kept pushing, harder and harder, like a black fog. Our light was stronger, better. We fought.

I heard a boom from my right. A grenade of some sort just blew. At the same time, I heard a scream of pain. I turned to see Jacob lying on the ground. His leg was torn open.

I instantly ran to him, despite the Matal pleading not to. I knelt down beside him.

“Stacy, we don’t have much time!” said The Matal.

“No, you can’t die, Jacob.” I said.

I felt my hand go to his leg and began trying to heal him. He batted my hand away.

“Stacy.” he groaned. “Go. Kill the Dark One. Come back later.”

“I won’t leave you to die!” I argued.

He smiled, a rarity. “I won’t. Now go!”

The Matal pulled my arm. After one last glance at Jacob, I was forced to lift my hands.

I remembered my first time meeting him. He had a fierce voice, and I asked so many questions I was afraid I’d anger him. But he was gentle. And  my first training session. And all those times he got me free. Why him? Why?

Suddenly, something rose up inside me. It demanded I get my revenge. It demanded I keep Jacob’s spirit alive. Suddenly, a reservoir of strength let loose. I felt my light get stronger as my guards fell. He was barely in reach.

Suddenly, the darkness evaporated. So did we. I realized we were just feet away from him. So, so close. The fighting around us kept up, but nobody interfered with our next battle.

“So, here we are.” called The Dark One. “I could spare you, you know.”

“Not a chance!” I screamed.

Suddenly, I felt sleepy. One part of me wanted to lay down and nap, but the other screamed stay up, up, up! I realized I was being put under and whipped around to a heartrender with his hand slowly closing.

Angry, my fireal side came up, and within seconds, he was nothing but ashes and dust.

The Matal was behind me as a cloud of darkness swirled up. We summoned, and it disappeared. The Dark One with it. I screamed in fury.

“We have to find him!” I roared.

When I didn’t hear a reply, I turned. The Matal was on the ground, a pool of blood spurting from his mouth. It dawned upon me- his heart was just crushed.

I threw myself at him. Tears immediately sprang up as my whole body shouted, No!

“No, no!” I cried. “No! Not like this! No! You aren’t going to die on me now, please!”

He smiled sadly, and his sentence was in his eyes- Yes, I am. And I love you.

Then, his eyes drooped shut, and his breath left his body.

I screamed a horrid scream. It was a mixed pot. It was full of fury in his death, rage he had to die. It was full of sorrow and mourning for his death in this terrible war. It was full of vengeance, a pledge I would take until my dying breath.

I didn’t want to leave him. I didn’t want to move. But I did. I stood, everything empowering me. Darkness, light. Wind, fire, water, ice. The healer. The killer. The love. The hatred. The creativity. It all flowed through me in a enriching way.

My skills of sight immediantly fell to the Dark One. I don’t know why, it was just instinct. I ran. All of my powers cleared the way for a final battle. It was all I had left.

When I was just ten feet away from him, he struck. I intstantly deflected it with light.

“You killed him!” I screamed. “And you dare try me too?!”

“You can’t win.”

“I can!” I roared like a bear. “I will! I have the power of everything, and you have darkness, which is Nothing!”

He struck again, but I blocked. Then, the heartrender inside me went for the crushing blow. I opened my palm wide. I felt as if the lung itself was in my hand.

And then I closed it.

Suddenly, he gasped, wheezed for air. As he fell, I felt something cool spread into my shoulder blade. I felt a wave of pain. My knees buckled. I fell to my knees, and I felt myself wheezing for air. I looked around.

Your men are falling. Aren’t you going to do something about it?

Instant answer- Yes.

Suddenly, I opened my arms and commanded my entire power to me. I seemed to scatter it across the land, everywhere, anywhere. Suddenly, I felt cold, and then, nothing.


I opened my eyes. I was on what seemed like a cloud. I got up. No pain went through me. I saw just white. Then, I saw it. A line of people.

They were the people I knew. My parents. My Mom and Dad. For some reason, Julia and Lucy. I saw The Matal. And Natalie. And John. And I saw my friends from training. I saw everyone I had ever cared for.

I got up and embraced them all.

“We’re so proud of you, honney.” said Mom

“So, so proud.” said Dad.

We looked at each other. My eyes fell at The Matal. He smiled.

“You did amazing, and you did everything right.” he whispered.

“You were perfect.” said Natalie.

Then, with my parent’s hands in my right hand, The Matal’s in my left, we turned and walked off.


Majic Bonus Feature


Jacob returned to camp and made a full recovery. He later became king of Majics.


Ella became head healer after the war, then married Jacob a year after becoming king.


Foro, Stacy’s training buddy, died in war.


Werer retired right after the war and died of heart attack three years later.


Kunkou remained councilor for ten more years before acidenttly being set on fire after a training session. He died of 3rd degree burns.


Lucy accidently killed herslef after trying to return to the Temple.


Julia was killed by her fellow trainees who didn’t trust her.


Alina became Jacob and Ella’s advisor when they became king and queen.


Nivia grew up to be one of the best gravitios in history and became a councilor.


Opha continued her life at the Temple until she got sick. She refused medical attention and died a week later.


John was never found, but died by torure


Oragog stepped down after The Matal and Alimic died, claiming he had had enough.


Andrew stayed on as councilor for thirty more years before retiring.


Frank was killed in battle.


The Majic Kingdom still lives through Majics and Non-Majics alike.


The Matal, STacy and Dark One’s bodies were carried to the camp after the war was over and the Majic Kingdom defeated the Dark Kingdom.

They were laid in the middle of the camp, where everyone mourned over their dead king and queen. Jacob ordered the people carrying him back to camp to let him see them. It was a sad day.

When they returned home, all three bodies were prepared for burial. During that time, the soldiers reported to The High Council. They all claimed that when the Alimic died, everybody's powers doubled, helping them win.

The three were laid to rest beside the Lake. The Matal on the left, Dark One on the right, and Stacy in the middle. Their tombstones read:



The Matal

Who showed us the light and goodness of man.



The Alimic

Who had the power to do anything



The Dark One

Who wanted something good out of something that was not.


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